Day 1 – Flight & Arrival

We made it! Mom and I are officially in South Korea. The motherland. The flight took about 13 hours, but went by–well–as quickly as a 13 hour flight could go by. We each had our own little screens in front of our seats and a wide selection of movies. I literally watched four movies (The Scorch Trials, Paper Towns, Pocahontas, and Inception) and finished half of my book, The Magicians. They fed us a ton. We got three meals, they even fed us bibimbap for dinner, an authentic Korean meal! Kudos to you, Delta airlines. So with the food and entertainment, you would think the flight was pretty tolerable, right? Yeah, until around hour 7 when my body realized it should be sprawled out and sleeping instead of crunched up and very much awake. We chased the sun going westwards, so the whole time it was bright outside, furthering the un-natrualness of slumber. So yeah. I was pretty awake during the entirety of the flight.

When we arrived, it was about 6PM Korea time, 5AM Ohio time. Koreans EVERYWHERE. This is when I realized that even though I was among the majority, holy moly I was quite the minority. I could not understand their fast Korean. Even waiting in line through immigration, I was analyzing all of the people around me, who all had the same cutesy, frilly, type of style that I had never seen before. Would they think my style was weird? Anyways, we exchanged our currency from dollars to wons and headed to the hotel! A few things I picked up on the way there–Koreans love rainbow lights, there are bridges and mountains everywhere, and the sky is pretty smoggy due to the highly populated area.

The hotel was pretty nice. I was quite confused at the toilet, though. Koreans must really value the rear end because there were these buttons to control the toilet seat in many different ways–the temperature, the water level, etc. Weird. The outlets were also different! We needed an adapter with all of our appliances. When it hit about 9:00 I was so tired. I went to bed. But of course my body still thought it was Ohio time, so I was surprised to wake up in the morning and find that it was actually midnight. The whole night went like that, mom and I were like alternating waking up and trying to sleep on and off. It felt like three light naps. Jet lag. It’s the best!!! So yeah that was our whole arrival. Rough adjustment but I’m pumped to be in Korea and explore the rest of the city!



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