Day 2 – Exploring South Korea Streets

Okay so picture one of those mazes that Olive Garden would give you on your kid’s menu. Now blow it up–all the way up–to life-size, and add signs and directions in a different language…perhaps Korean. Well, there you have it! That is literally South Korea, folks. Or at least the Seoul/Gangnam part of South Korea. It is a literal maze.

Along every street are several intercepting alleys; along every alley lies a whole new booming street. And with every alley and street are countless shops, restaurants, businesses, stacked atop one another. So basically, we got totally lost through these uniquely foreign and overcrowded streets.

But hey–not complaining. The food and dessert places we discovered were awesome! Korea specializes in a dessert called Patbingsu, so of course we had to get some, but unbeknownst to us, it was freaking huge. Like twice the size of my face (and I have a very large face). Additionally, the Korean food–yes. Maybe the best part of being in Korea. I had Naengmyun, which tasted so good in the hot weather–and we don’t even need to tip here! Not even for public transportation! Oh yeah, that’s another thing. We take the taxi or bus or subway everywhere because its almost more inconvenient to drive a car through the heavily congested streets. But I do see a lot of motorcyclists and scooterists weaving through the streets! So many reckless drivers here. I guess it’s just culture but they honk and cut people off and almost run pedestrians over…I think mom has almost had a heart attack like 5 times from cars getting too close to us. Haha.

But yeah! Honestly, we spent the majority of the day exploring the city, and the remainder of the day meeting up with Christine Lee and her mom (friends that used to live in Ohio, but moved to Korea about 10 years ago). So yeah! Thanks again for tuning into our trip 🙂


A-still-very-jet-lagged Kaylen

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