Day 3 – Garosu-gil & Myeongdong

I woke up at 3am this morning. Oops. So I started off my extremely early day by watching Marley & Me. Yeah–bad idea, never do that.

But the real events of the day consisted of window shopping through the famous Garosu-gil street and Myeongdong market. Garosugil street is famous for its “western” look. Of course, I live in America so it was not as unique to me, but still very enticing!

They had a lot of american stores on this strip–but much, much cuter versions. Each store was totally korean-ized and colorfully decorated! They even have little photo ops in some of the stores (pls see my intense Guess pic). Also, they have this brand called LINE animals and the logo is your cliche asian animation of a bear and a duck. And these things are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE (pls see the abnormally ginormous bear pic and co.) Oh and lastly, let me explain the two remaining pics. I call the flag picture “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and Kaylen took the white road…and that has made all the difference” and I call the random asian man picture “my new korean boyfriend (sorry Alex)”

So that was lovely Garosul-Gil. Now in Myeongdong, holy canoly such a LARGE shopping center. Again, just like a maze–like an Easton that got tied in like 300 knots then unraveled and laid out–intersections and all. There were also a ton of little animals (yes those darn LINE animals) in full out costume that just danced and waved hi to people. Everything about Korea is just so darn cute. Except the subways. Ugh–its unbelievably confusing to get anywhere on those things. Still getting the hang of it. Well I’m trying to keep these short and sweet, so that is all for now! Stay tuned 🙂


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