Day 5 – Youth Towns & Paper Lanterns

It sure is a good thing I didn’t visit Korea during my Junior year of High School.

Back then, I was visiting colleges, and my #1 requirement for a University was that it had to be pretty. I didn’t know any better, so if I had seen Ewha Women’s University any earlier, I would’ve been sold! This university that my grandma graduated from 57 years ag0 was outright gorgeous, lined with stone paths and perfectly-cut greenery. They had this monumental study area with grand steps and glass sides. It would be quite hard to study with that view!

Near each of the universities in Korea is a youth town–a town/street shopping center directed towards the younger generation. Here we tried these famous sandwiches from Issac’s Toast, a cute little christian sandwich shop! (the sandwich paper had the story of Issac’s plentiful harvest from Genesis 🙂 ) The rest of the town was SO LIVELY & CROWDED with college students everywhere. Korean culture is crazy about singing and dancing (KPOP) so all throughout the streets there were multitudes of random groups performing dances and singing with crowds around them! I had to resist my urge to jump in the middle of one of these circles and show them my white-washed dance moves.

The rest of the day we used to explore the city on our own! We came across, lots of cute food places…

a beautiful temple full of colorful paper lanterns…

a three story shopping–wait. You have GOT to be kidding me. Is that Jack & Jill AGAIN?…

well anyways, some more lovely city sites…

and ah, Seoul streets. So you’ve got your cars, your semi-trucks, your occasional motorcyclists, and you’re old men hauling a heck load of cardboard in a wheelbarrow in the middle of the intersection.DSC_0119

And friends, I’ll end with that!

Happy graduation to friends back home 🙂 much love,


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