Korean Fashion

In America, our favorite types of beds are tanning beds. We plaster on Jergen’s tanning lotion like no other. Our foundation?–always one shade darker from pure beige to soft honey so we can achieve that “naturally-artificial” glow. We. Love. The. Sun.

Here in Korea there is no “suns out, guns out” nor “suns out, buns out” it’s more like “suns out, go hide for your life”.  Koreans, like many asian countries, strive for pasty white, paler skin, as tanned skin alludes to–in older days–lower-class workers laboring outside; which is why I have seen so many Koreans hiding behind umbrellas on sunny days!

So apparently my tan skin is a dead giveaway that I am a westerner. My style is another. Wow, if I could draw you the typical Korean outfit, it would be a loose, square-shaped shirt with stripes, a pleated skirt, frilly socks and a pastel backpack decorated with several animal keychains. The fashion is so distinct! They also love little english sayings but they’re so random and grammatically incorrect haha. I took some photos while shopping on the streets with shirts that said “Today is a nice day” and “grooming” and “owned by a doggy”. I even saw one that said “live the life you dream to be”…can you imagine me walking OSU’s campus with that on? I mean, kudos to them for trying though. Oh and speaking of doggies, here is one I saw. Like, what?! Look at that tongue! How could you not take a picture of that!!

Okay another funny thing. You know how for high school dances, dates coordinate their colors with each other? And it was always a pain because I’d say my dress was coral or sea foam or periwinkle and my date did not have a color vocabulary outside of ROYGBIV. I couldn’t imagine doing that everyday. Well guess what?! All couples match their outfits here! It’s incredible. The first time I saw it I was like haha that’s funny. Then the 4th or 5th time I was like wait….what the heck! So I started to take photos of some of them hahaha (this was quite a challenge given the crowded streets of Korea). But lucky for you, I’m a photo-taking warrior. So enjoy these random couples that match. And make sure to read my captions!!

An update of my entire day coming next 🙂


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