Day 6 – Mural Village & Banpo Bridge

I think I’ll miss waking up everyday at 4:00 am. It makes my day feel so much longer! Anyways, every morning when it is far too early, we have resorted to watching this Korean show. It’s pretty entertaining, actually! So it goes like this: there are 6 people that sing onstage, except 2 of them are lip synching, while the other 4 are using their real voices. There is a guest celebrity (a different one for every episode) who tries to figure out who is lip synching through various trials!

IMG_0170So we started off our day with that, then headed to mural village to check out the colorfully painted walls atop the highest hill of Namsan Park. In the 93 degree heat, I thought the climb was challenging, but excitement (along with 4 years of Cross Country) got me up to the top, and Mom–well–let’s just say hills are not Mom’s expertise. But in the good words of my dear friend Miley Cyrus, “there’s always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.” It’s all about the climb, Mom, all about the climb. And look at that bomb view.


Plus, check out the beautiful murals and photo ops we took advantage of while we were up there!

IMG_0985After meandering through the steep steps and winding roads, we had to grab something (cold) to eat. So we ate at the cutest little place, Mom ordered Cold Bean soup (콩국수), and I ordered Spicy Cold noodles (냉국수).

The rest of the afternoon we spent shopping, walking, exploring, the usual. It was funny because everywhere we walked, Koreans would either come up to me and say in Korean “What a wonderful tan you have! Such a pretty color!” or we would hear them talking to one another “Look at her skin tone!” I guess I am a rarity over there! haha. Finally, at night we visited Banpo bridge with our friends (Christine and her mom). It was a beautiful bridge with colorful lights, and there were so many people camped out in tents–a very lively place for people to visit at night! And there were little dogs everywhere. Everyone brought their little puppies with them–lots of poodles and yorkies and teacup dogs.

Pretty beautiful, eh? PS- Mom and I unintentionally gave in to the couples trend and matched our stripes. Becoming more and more Korean-ized little by little!

Sleepy, sleepy,sleepy.


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