Day 7 – Bogeunsa Temple & Olympic Park

안녕하세요–hello! It has officially been a week here in Korea. I can’t believe how much we have seen in these 7 days. Unreal. The jet lag is starting to subside, and we’re finally getting the hang of the subway system! Especially since this kind gentleman explained it all to us–he was white! WOW! We were sitting on the subway, speaking in english and he said he overheard our “flat english” and could tell we were straight from the midwest. This man was from Kansas City and had lived in Korea for 2 years now. He could speak fluent Korean, and he was helping us, foreigners, by guiding us through the maps and pronouncing each Korean site with perfect pronunciation. Wait hang on, what? A white man, in the most american navy blue suit & brown leather Loake shoes, was helping two Koreans with all things Korea? What a paradoxical scene, the other subway passengers must’ve witnessed. So anyways, I promised I would shout out this man on my blog–so thanks Jay, you da bomb. We’d be lost without you…literally.

So our first site we visited today was–you guessed it–another temple! This one, Bogeunsa Temple, was built in 794 CE and was a the largest temple in Seoul during the Silla Dynasty. Huge-statue-man kind of freaked me out, but whatever, I gave him a high-five and we headed towards our next destination!

Did you know the 2016 Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea this year? I sure didn’t! Nor did I know that Seoul was the site of the 1988 Olympics. Now the beautifully designed area is a park, Olympic Park. And it’s HUGE–like if I were to go on a run around the trails of this park, I would end up running right around a marathon. Enjoy this pic of me with all 88 of my favorite countries.

We walked around some of the trails, except they were super hilly, and you know how much Mom loves those steep inclines! So we only hit a fraction of the park. I was amazed at how many people came here to hang out! I mean we witnessed everything from people picnicking, to people taking wedding photos, to people playing sports of all kinds. Friends at home–it would’ve been the perfect place to whip out the hammocks. OK–another thing, see that lil’ guy in the car? Those things were everywhere! I think we saw 20 of them at least. Don’t worry though, that lil’ guy’s dad is not too far behind him, controlling the car with a remote controller. (Dad, you would love that) Also, everyone took their dogs out here. They all have little small dogs, and after every 20 steps or so, we would run into a small dog sniffing at our feet. So cute!

What a pretty rose tunnel we ran into, as well!

And then here’s some other miscellaneous things we ate/saw. These pictures are captioned if you’re interested in any one!

Thanks again for keeping up with me!


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