Day 8 – Jeju Island: Arrival

Here’s a confession: a nerdy pastime of mine is exploring google maps. I love to wander around the virtual world in satellite mode, search for small little islands in the seas, and zoom way in to see what lies inside. Before you judge me–try it! It’s so cool to explore a whole civilization living on a little patch of land in the middle of nowhere.Unknown

Well today was the first step into making my virtual pastime a riveting reality! Seoul has been wonderful to us, but today we flew out to visit a new area: Jeju island, the southernmost point of South Korea. So there’s a little less to write about today, as most of our day was spent flying. But yeah, here we are in Jeju Island!

We started off the day flying Korean airlinesIMG_1020 IMG_1022to Jeju. It was quite the challenge considering this
international airport looked and functioned quite differently from an American airline. Upon arrival, we went straight from the airport to this garden to check out the exotic plants of Jeju. This place is so strange! Definitely not America, definitely not Seoul.

This foreign land is sprinkled with bamboo trees, colorful flowers, and weird rock structures called “hareubangs”–Harubang is Jeju’s “Brutus Buckeye”–if you will.

There are also weird animals here–black pigs, colorful birds, peculiar sea life–found in our dinner…

So that was a hint of our initial arrival at Jeju! Again, this post will be short since we did not do much today, and also since I am currently writing it on my phone on the tour bus (the next morning) and I don’t have much time! But expect another jam-packed post about our next few full days in Jeju Island! 🙂


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