Day 9 – Jeju Island: Part One

Alright folks, day 9 was a full day here in Jeju Island, so I’m going to get right into it. We IMG_1122started off our morning at 7am to grab a quick breakfast at the hotel. There were these tiny oranges that were about the size of a spherical quarter. SO SMALL. They’re called kumquats and they are apparently native to this strange land. So there I was trying to peel this thing like an orange…yeah, well you don’t. You eat the whole darn kumquat in your mouth, skin and all. But hey, it was very good!

Our tour bus picked us up right afterwards, and gave us our itinerary for the day. It was so nice because our tour bus was our convenient method of transportation throughout the island; definitely a great option for lazy tourists or directionally-challenged tourists like us. So there we were, excited and ready to start the day. Smiles, sunshine–what could possibly go wrongIMG_1083?

Boom. Flip flop breaks, right then and there. And we have no other shoes and the wholeday ahead of us. And when I take out my nice camera to snap a IMG_1085picture, useless. Memory card has been left in my computer. THEN, it starts to rain! So I am shoeless, and cameraless on this rainy day. I know what you’re thinking, what ever could Kaylen do during this tragedy. Well, I did what any Kaylen would do. I fixed my shoe with a rubber band (it lasted me all day) and used my second-best camera–my phone. And our day turned out awesome. So anyways, check out these locations we visited, and feel free to read the captions to learn more about them!

Site 1: Glass Castle

Site 2: Circus & Lunch

IMG_1095So after the Glass Castle, we visited this cool circus show, then went to lunch! It was a very traditional Korean style dinner, where we sat on the floor. So this is me eating with all my new elderly friends. Oh yeah–our tour group was a bunch of elderly Korean grandparents…I was the youngest by far, and Mom was the second youngest by far.


Site 3: Ferry & Island exploration

Site 4: Camellia Hill


Thanks for reading about our first adventure at Jeju! (감사합니다!)



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