Day 10 – Jeju Island: Part Two

Before I left, I told several of my friends that I was so unfamiliar with the Korean celebrities, that I could be in the presence of any famous actor or Kpop star and I would not even be aware. Well guess what. Exactly that happened at the end of day 10! But first, let me back up a little to the amazing events of this day, then I’ll get back to that at the end 🙂

Okay, so today was day 2 of our tour. I mentioned earlier, that our tour group was grandma/grandpa galore. I mean, GALORE. It was me, mom, and a mass of slow-moving senior citizens. See what I mean?! And that’s only a few of them!DSC_0189

Okay so first we went on this train tour. It took us through some of the hidden tropical woods of Jeju, a favorite filming location for many movies, and Korean dramas. After the train, we visited a Korean folk village, where people actually lived! Currently! There were black pigs in the huts and villagers walking around.

IMG_1262.JPGNext, we grabbed lunch (Jeju’s specialty: black pig), and I tried some Korean wine. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. 0/10 would try again. Oh side note–the drinking age here is 19, and my age here is 22. In Korea, you are 1 when you’re born, and you turn a year older at every January 1st. So when these new elderly friends of mine would ask me how old I was, I would have to say 22!

Next, we hit up–you guessed it–another garden! But also a cave. Pretty refreshing in this exhausting humidity and heat.

Okay, and these next few places were my favorite experiences of Jeju. First we went to this horse show, and then they had a horse park where we could actually ride horses around, with a backdrop of Jeju’s scenic volcanic mountains. My horse was crazy. He ran ahead and went off path to eat grass. I think the owner gave him to me because I was so young, and I could handle him. And he only gave me a whip for my horse, so that probably was not a great sign. But horseback riding was so much fun.

Lastly, it’s hard to put into words the grandeur of this trail we took, along the shore. But we walked along, and it was absolutely breath-taking. Take a look!

From there, we ate dinner, left our new elderly friends, and headed on the plane back to Seoul! And here’s what happened: We were walking all the way from the terminal gate, past the baggage claim, and to the exit, with these tall men. Two of them were dressed in suits, and the one in the middle looked back a few times, and I just caught a glimpse of his face. I had no idea who he was. When we turned the corner, towards the exit, oh my gosh it was the biggest crowd of screaming fangirls I had ever seen! SO MANY CAMERAS. Mom and I were just confused. It was 10:40 pm and we were just wondering why Korean paparazzi were at the airport at this hour. But they flocked to this man, and followed him all the way out the door. So apparently he was a big deal. And we were walking alongside him having not the slightest clue.

And that was Jeju.


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