Day 11 – Trick Eye Museum & Bukchon Hanok Village

Today back in Seoul, we visited two main attractions: the Trick Eye Museum, a place to take photos of yourself in weird art illusions, and Bukchon Hanok Village, a real village which upholds old Korean tradition, in the middle of the city. Some of these photos from the museum didn’t quite nail the whole illusion aspect, but we tried our best! Here are some of our favorites!

“Wow, Kaylen, that last photo of you in the ice- living room looks so realistic! It looks like you’re actually sitting in an ice living room!” Yeah–that’s because I am. After the trick eye museum, we went to an ice museum to see sculptures of ice carved in the most intricate forms…but here was the problem, ice melts at warm temperatures. So guess what? The whole place was FREEZING. We could’t stay in there for over 5 minutes we were so cold. We saw an ice slide that people were riding, and Mom was like, “Want to go ride it?” and I was like “Heck no I’m not going to (literally) freeze my butt off.” So we quickly went in, took a quick look around, and left, hoping for heat outside.

Well, careful what you wish for.

DSC_0363Outside, we walked around this University town to shop and eat little snacks, but it quickly became unbelievably hot. 90 degree weather and sun was not what we had hoped for! Let me back into the ice museum!!

Next we headed to the subway towards Bukchon village.

The first picture is heading up, looking towards the village, while the other one is looking down, looking towards the city. I love the contrast between this traditional village and the modern city in the background.

We had further plans to go visit a palace, but it was too hot, so instead we decided to spend the rest of our day underground shopping–hiding from the sun like your typical Koreans.

So a bit of a shorter day today, but we definitely needed the rest! Thanks for reading 🙂



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