Day 12 -Apgujeong-dong

Day 12. Wowza, only 3 days left here in the motherland…

And on the twelfth day of Korea my true mom gave to me, a hair cut and a pear tree.

Okay maybe not the pear tree part, but I did get my hair done in the morning! I wanted it colored all brown, and no one understands Korean hair better than Korean stylists. So goodbye brassy ombre and jet black roots! This salon experience was unbelievable. They treated us like royalty!–serving us complimentary drinks throughout the whole experience, serving us complimentary waffles, asking us if we needed anything, massaging me, walking us out, it was unreal! And here’s a little before-after 🙂

So after the pampering, it was time for us to explore the rest of the area of Apgujeoung dong. As part of Gangnam, this area is perhaps the “higher-end” of Korea. It is surrounded by luxury brand stores, luxury brand cars, and luxury brand people! Walking along this street, we were surrounded by our lovely, expensive friends–Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Gucci–oh and the cars–lots of Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Porsche…the list goes on.

We also visited Hallyu K Star Road, home to many of KPop’s most famous producers, celebrities’ favorite restaurants & stores, and special celebrity landmarks. Many tourists come here in hopes to see a Kpop celebrity rolling around these streets! Of course, we wouldn’t even know if we saw one anyways.

The rest of our day was dampened with on/off rain, so we spent it revisiting some of our favorite sites and shopping streets…remember these places?!

And every time it would rain, we took shelter into coffee shops, other cute dessert places, and even this cute little pet shop called “mini-pets”. Like I said in the previous posts, Koreans love small dogs and not just small dogs, but REALLY small dogs. Look how cute! They were all the size of my hand!

Again, 3 days left–means 3 posts left! Thanks for making it this far with me! I SO appreciate it!


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