Day 13 – Food Comas & Evening Strolls

7:26 pm. The subway doors open, and we shove our way out. I break into a run, while Mom trails behind me. We hastily swipe our subway passes and run, following the arrows to exit six. 7:28 pm. My feet are starting to hurt from the constant pounding of my wedges against the hard floor. I look behind me; I have lost sight of Mom. 7:29 pm. I keep running–finally, the light at the end of this underground tunnel! I haul my heavy wedges up the steps. 7:30 pm. My eyes quickly scan the city around me, looking for the bus stop and–there it is! I sprint, and ignore the quizzical stares around me.

7:32 pm. Gone. No bus. 2 minutes late, and we missed it. We missed the Seoul night city tour bus! Ugh! 7:34pm. Oh, and there’s mom panting up the steps.

Yes, unfortunately we missed our main event for the day. But it is okay. We shan’t let this tragedy hinder us! So here’s what our day looked like instead:

We went out to eat earlier today with Christine’s family, a traditional Korean meal–meaning TONS of banchan (반찬), various small dishes of food to eat with rice. Korean style eating consists of sharing food with everyone, so this block of wood had all these dishes on it, and the waitress just slid the whole thing unto the table! It was so much food. We even got dessert later, and I was about to explode.


So after eating a ton of food, I of course fell asleep, and Mom went shopping at a food market.

And later–instead of our Night tour, we decided to walk around the sleepless city! We walked alongside a river and saw a laser light show, and also walked around Insadong, another lively street! Oh and upon walking through the streets, we heard a few Koreans singing and entertaining crowds…but then we got closer, and oh my gosh they were white!  I still find it amazing that these completely white people can speak fluent Korean. These girls even had asian accents when they spoke english! Crazy!

Okay well we are tired from eating and running. Mom is currently cashed out next to me, so goodnight 🙂


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