Day 14 – Nami Island & Petite France

Today we took a little day trip outside of our (rather large) Seoul bubble to the beautiful Nami island, a half moon-shaped island surrounded by the northern Han River. This cute little green island, is a nature lover’s paradise. It has all sorts of tall beautiful trees and other unique greenery. Oh and another neat thing–all the telephone lines and wires are hidden underground so the island preserves its very natural look, lacking any electric poles or cables! Kudos to you, Nami Island developers. It was SO cute. Everywhere we walked, dainty piano music trailed behind. I felt like I was a little animated cartoon walking along this animated forrest.

The island was also made popular by a hit Korean drama, Winter Sonata, which used Nami as a primary filming location. And you know how Koreans LOVE their Korean dramas. So many statues and symbols throughout the island were attributed to this film! I’m not familiar with the Korean drama, but I’ll bet you some of my extended family reading this is! So here are some of Nami’s stunning elements:

Don’t be fooled by our comfortable smiles beneath the shade, it was crazy hot. Specifically, sunny and in the 90’s. So as soon as we left those tall Nami trees, and our breezy ferry, we got sun-slapped. Yeah–no, no, no, not sun-kissed–sun-slapped. But that’s okay, because we used our inner Korean instincts to whip out that umbrella and hide from the sun, like all the Koreans around us.

And our next destination? Petite France!

Yep it’s exactly what it sounds like. A small little French town within Korea. It was seemingly in the middle of nowhere–surrounded by scenic mountains and entangled in winding roads. But it was colorful and cute, nonetheless. Like–REALLY cute. (Excuse my over-usage of “cute”, for lack of a better description; you have to believe me these places were just so darn–adorable?)

Here in Petite France they had little puppet shows, antique stores, french bistros, and french-styles houses! 🙂 France and Korea, all in one. Not bad, eh? ‘Twas a good day, indeed.

Last day tomorrow :,(



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