Day 15 – Animal Cafes & Farewell

You know you’ve spent 15 days in Korea when you catch yourself singing Kpop songs while getting ready in the morning. And even worse–when you find yourself tempted to do the corresponding dance routines. Yikes.

On our final day of Korea, we decided to visit a few of Korea’s notorious animal cafes. There are several cafes ranging from cat cafes to sheep cafes: basically you go in, order a drink or dessert, and there are just random animals wandering around that you can interact with. First we chose to visit a racoon cafe–yes–these are domesticated raccoons! Yeah, I know crazy. So we went to Blind Alley to hang with our racoon friends! Although one of them, which I nicknamed, “Fatso”, attacked my head for my sunglasses…leaving three big scratches across my face. Thanks a lot, Fatso. But other than that, I loved them! In fact, I am determined to catch one and domesticate it myself back in Ohio, you down @dad? *Note to self: do not wear shiny things around racoons.

After saying goodbye to Fatso and friends, we visited one last Korean market for lunch. Okay, I want to show you something. See those tentacles? Yeah, they cut the octopus’ legs off while its alive, so the little legs are squirming and trying to get off the plate while you try to eat it. And since it’s still technically alive, the tentacles stick inside of your mouth. MMM…SOUNDS TASTEFUL, HUH?!

Then after that…we visited another animal cafe–the Bau House Dog cafe 🙂 These friendly dogs just sit right next you! I LOVED this place. I could have stayed there for hours petting and playing with these dogs. They need one of these in Ohio.

And then we had the last supper with Christine and her mom at a 쌈 house, or a lettuce wrap restaurant, an essential food to the Korean cuisine. Yum 🙂

And after our farewell to our good friends, Mom and I absorbed every last bit of Seoul by walking through the lively city, shopping from street vendors, and taking in the memorable atmosphere. Finally, we turned in our subway cards feeling quite accomplished–like finally solving an Olive Garden kid’s menu maze.

I will miss this place a lot.

I’ll miss the kind sense of community amongst all the people. I’ll miss the crowded alleys at night. I’ll miss the Kpop blasting at all the stores. I’ll miss the wide eyes across from me on the subway, appalled at my tan skin. I’ll miss the food–yes–will most definitely miss the food. I’ll even miss that terrible sewer smell we had to pass every day when we got out at Eonju station–exit 8.

It has been quite the experience, and I am proud to say that deep down, my blood is rooted in this incredible country. I suddenly have this urge to learn to speak the Korean language, to learn to cook the Korean cuisine, and to learn to dress the Korean sty–eh–well okay maybe not quite that last one. (I prefer to NOT twin with my guy). But regardless, it’s been 15 exciting, jam-packed days. And wow, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share them.

Thank you Dad for working, working, working back at home, enabling us to constantly be spending, spending, spending out here and living the dream. Thank you Mom for being the best partner in crime on this trip–researching and organizing our itinerary each day.

Finally, thank YOU so much for keeping up with Mom and myself on this crazy adventure.

1:25 AM–blogging with Kpop in the background

See you soon, Ohio! Much love,



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  1. Wesley Chang says:

    Just finished reading all the daily postings as you are in transit back home. Nicely done!


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