Day 1 — Preparation & Arrival

I have never been to Europe. But my Pinterest board is filled with European pictures. On my basement wall, hangs paintings of various scenes from Europe, that I have daydreamingly-painted myself. “I LOVE Europe,” I have caught myself saying, usually followed by, “have you ever been there?”, well….no. But I would like to someday.

Today is someday, folks.

So, Ahoj!–from beautiful Prague, in the Czech Republic.

img_5777.jpgI have to tell you, it was not easy getting here. And I mean that both physically and mentally. You see, I am here with my mom in a “spur of the moment” trip–of sorts, to meet up with my studying-abroad brother. I had one of the hardest decisions of my life between this 12-day trip, and my existing summer internship with Abercrombie & Fitch. And while my career has taken precedence in the past, here I am, excitedly pursuing my travels with my mom, hoping & trusting in the Lord for my future.

And while giving up a dream internship was by no means easy, getting to Prague was by no means easier. But after flight cancellation galore and flight delay aplenty, two days later than planned, HERE I AM, PRAGUE!IMG_5791.jpg

4:15PM: we arrived at our petite little hotel (which by the way is a freaking maze to navigate), then decided to explore around the area. And I wish words could do this country justice, but they really just can’t. So here are some pictures (shown below) of our first expedition in Prague. “Shot on iPhone 7” since Daniel has not yet brought me my ~High Quality~ camera 😉 We mostly stayed around the Old Town Square Area, today. P.S. When in Prague, wear flats. The ground is literally ALL cobblestone…no flat concrete or streets. I slipped in my wedges maybe–oh, 102841 times?

Well, we are super jet-lagged and tired considering neither of us slept during the 19-hour-combined transit time to get here. (Yeah, I know. I was too invested watching the Divergent movies on the plane–10/10 would recommend). So anyways, stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow! As you know, we Chang’s love to book our days.

So Goodnight at 9:30pm. (probably the only time I’ll ever say that, HA)

’til tomorrow,


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