Day 2 — Wandering the Maze

Walk inside, go straight up the steps, take a right, go down the hall, take another right, go down the steps, take a left, go down that long hallway to the end, take a left, head down the steps, take a left into the hallway, take a right down the ramp, head back to the end of the hallway–and there we are, room A104.

I kid you not, these are the directions to our hotel room.

cropped-dsc_1220-e1495444126486And navigating the streets of Prague is not too much different. There is rarely a vast
opening, as Prague is an intricate series of warm-toned building columns, that one must learn to meander through…or in our case, learn google maps through. So this morning, after a Prague-style hotel breakfast: some meat, cheese, and yogurt, we awaited Daniel, to arrive from his study abroad trip. (He gets to prolong his European adventures with us ;).) Then the three of us set out to wander the maze of Prague!

Our first stop? Charles Bridge. Here, we met thousands and thousands of our tourist friends and bridge vendors! So you can imagine how difficult it was to take pictures of the bridge. So here’s the view from the bridge, and a distance shot of the bridge, instead.

We crossed Charles Bridge to the royal side of Prague to the castle, where the Czech Republic President lives. It also happens to be the largest ancient castle complex in the world. So kudos to you, el presidente. And, oh, did I mention, this place is swarming with Korean tourists. And from my 16 day adventure in Korea, you know I love messing with the my middle-aged–elderly Korean power squads. (Here’s Daniel and I, quite rudely, tuning into the Korean castle tour.

Next was Golden Lane: a street of houses–so small–they better fit more to dwarfs than to people. The street got its name from the alchemists living there during the late 1500s, who tried to transform metals into gold. Oh–and speaking of gold. I thought this was funny: there’s this statue on the outskirts of the castle called “youth” and people say if you rub where it’s gold, it will bring you good luck. So check out where this statue is gold. What an odd experience to see so many tourists on board.

After exploring the beautiful castle area, we hiked up to the top of the hill to a Starbucks (Yea, I know) to get the most breathtaking view of the city!

IMG_5863.jpgDSC_1229And last but not least the FOOD. All you meat lovers would LOVE it here. We grabbed dinner at Mlejnice, and no that’s not a typo, everything looks like that here. Their use of vowels is like so sparse. Anyways, Prague is known for Koleno, or Pork Knee. So holy pork, Daniel’s meal was the size of his head–literally. And it was so good “unlike anything [he’s] ever had.” And dessert? Well of course, the traditional Trdelnik, almost like a cinnamon pretzel with chocolate inside, wrapped around ice cream. YUM. Don’t worry, you don’t need to look too far, there is a trdelnik stand at just about every corner of the town!

So that’s really it for the day. And I would say I’m kind of getting the hang of this Prague-maze. Thanks for reading–see ya tomorrow!


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  1. Love these photoss the city looks amazing!


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