Day 3 — Views From Way Up

The higher the height, the better the view.

Or at least, that was our motto for the day. Our last day here in Prague was all about climbing to the top, to look down.

This 6-hour ahead time zone has been taking its toll on me. I’ve been laying in bed, falling asleep close to 4am, while my body thinks its still 10. So after a moderately restless night, I rose and shone and set out to ride the tram (a trolley-type bus) to Petrin Park, the higher part of town. Along the way, we saw the Dancing House, the pillar of modern architecture in Prague (that funky looking building on the left). Much of the architecture in Prague is pretty amazing. Every trim, detail, and edge seems to be more majestic, more “Europe-ified” with tiny sculptures, frames, and artwork.

DSC_1275.jpgFrom there, we took a sky lift up to the top of Petran Park and literally climbed the Eiffel Tower—sike. That time will hopefully come later in Paris; but we did, indeed, climb this Eiffel tower look-alike, Petrin Tower. If you zoom inside you can see, the round swirls of steps all the way to the top. And from the perspective of a mildly-afraid-of-heights gal, I wasn’t a huge fan of the slight wobbliness at 210 feet above the ground. Mom, of course, paid extra admission to take the elevator up, instead. #fitnessmotivation #getFitwitJin But check out this view!!! Completely unedited, and unfiltered, people.DSC_1268.JPG

And speaking of paying extra admission, next we went to the Monastero di Strahov, one of the oldest Premonstratensian monasteries still in existence in the world. I guess they have some crazy old books and crazy art on the walls. So we thought it was worth the visit. While the library was gorgeous, we really could not do anything except peek into the rooms–we couldn’t even go inside of them, unless we had special access! And there were only TWO of them available to tourism. TWO! And we had to pay extra to take pictures. But luckily for you, I am stealthy and sly. So these pictures below are ~ Shot on iPhone 7. Please enjoy! Getting in to take these pics only cost us $25 a piece! And I only got caught once! What a STEAL.

Okay, okay, but all seriousness, this next part might just be my favorite part of Prague. We had lunch at this place called Bellavista, where the view was unreal. I mean just see for yourself. What a peaceful, beautiful lunch. “Bellavista”, is incredibly correct.

So after our stomachs were full with frutti di mare, we set off to our next series of events:    climbing to the top of The Old Town to get a view of the bridges of Prague, shopping at the 5-floor tall Pallidium mall, and visiting the Old Jewish quarter–to see the largest surviving jewish burial in Europe, post-holocaust. So that last event–not quite up my alley. But Daniel was loving it for the 2 minutes we were able to see it before it closed.

And finally, before ending our jam-packed day–we caught sunset atop, yet again, a high point–the Prague clock tower. Pictures don’t do the view, or the sunset justice, but I’ll end on these:)

Na shledanou! Talk to you later–from ITALY!


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