Day 4 – The trip to Italy

IMG_5928.JPGToday we said goodbye to Prague. And I must say, Prague treated us very well. One of my favorite things about it, was how beautiful & picturesque it was everywhere. We could stop in the middle of the street, look around, and the whole place would still scream European. But three days was plenty enough to explore Prague’s unique towns.

And today–here comes my favorite part: La Italia. But the trip to Italy was not as easy as a flight to Rome and a high speed train to Positano, oh no. In fact, here’s a list of DON’Ts, we learned for the day:

  • DO NOT: Accidentally book your ride TO the airport as “From airport, To Hotel”.
  • DO NOT: Expect short baggage-check lines, nor reasonable baggage-check fees.
  • DO NOT: Crumple up your ticket, after boarding the high speed train, as the train attendant WILL yell at you for having an “invalid ticket” and absolutely DO NOT throw it away.
  • DO NOT: Leave it up to your travel agency to configure luggage storage plans. They will let you down and cost you lots and lots of luggage storage fees.
  • DO NOT: Make a 2-hour (mostly on hold) phone call outside the country to your travel agency to fix these complications because they will most certainly charge you 20 cents a minute.
  • DO NOT: Wait until the last minute to find your train station and then run to it with 2 minutes to spare.

    Here is my blurry image of the sunset from the Positano shuttle!
  • DO NOT: Spend a lot of time stand around the sketchy naples train station to wait for your shuttle, as the creeptastic people around you WILL say weird things to you and creep the heck out of you.
  • DO NOT: Schedule your arrival to Positano at night, because you will miss some of the pretty daylight views:(

Trust me, on these. I now know from experience.

IMG_5938.jpgSo today, you can infer, was mostly a travel day from Prague to Rome to Positano. So nothing too interesting other than that crazy series of events. But I knew the day was going to get better when I saw this rainbow on the high-speed train! And it sure did. Once we arrived here in Positano at 9:30pm, I could already tell that this will be my favorite place. Not only is it stunning in the dark, but in the 3 hours I have gotten to spend here, my night has been seemingly straight out of a movie.

So we are staying at a place called Casa Teresa. And it is literally this grandma, Teresa’s one-woman show. She provides all the service to the rooms herself. Not only is our room located on the side of the hill and with a beautiful patio overlooking the view, but it is so cozy and she makes breakfast, herself! She is also the cutest grandma ever.

So after climbing down the series of stairs and vine-covered pastel walls to get settled into our room, we realized we didn’t even have dinner yet! So walking around the town, past 10pm, we walked past these cute dinner places. They were still lively, as I guess it is common for europeans to eat dinner around the hours of 9-10. A couple other tips I’ve learned–bread doesn’t come with butter or oil or anything. It’s literally just bread for an appetizer. Also, bread is not necessarily free if it’s on the table, if you eat it, they might still charge you per person. Water cost more than other drinks in many places. And Italian homemade pasta triumphs any pasta that America could make.

These were all realized during our lovely meal at Ristorante Saraceno d’Oro. The place was SO Italian. I mean–outdoor seating, beautiful strung lights, Italian bands playing classic Italian music–like from those rom-coms set in Italy. You can imagine, I hope. Because my descriptions simply just cannot justify the amazing experience this was. And not to mention, the authentic italian food is unlike anything else. Portions are a lot smaller, but the taste overly compensates.

And I know that seems like a short day, but traveling took a good chunk of our day away. Plus we have a crazy busy day ahead of us tomorrow, that starts bright and early. Daniel and I will be waking up to hike the 4-5 mile “Path of gods” trail, here at Positano. So, see you on the other side.


Oh and P.S. to add unto that list of Don’ts….DO NOT forget to bring your athletic shoes to hike the 4-5 mile “Path of gods” trail, here at Positano…ha…ha

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