Day 5 — Picture Perfect Positano

For art class in high school, I used to watercolor these elaborate scenes of Italy. I would type “Italy” into the search engine and choose the most stunning images to paint. I see now, that these scenic images I was painting, were views from the Amalfi Coast. And now, being here, thinking back to even my proudest paintings, I see that it is impossible to accurately portray the grandeur of this place in person. Even my paintings of this place do not do it justice.

Welcome to my new favorite place, Positano, Italy. (Now this will be a longer entry considering I loved today so much.)


This morning, Daniel and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to hike, sentiro de deities, “the path of gods”. Which is basically an array of hiking trails at the top of the mountains. This was some INTENSE hiking. And lucky for me, I got to do the whole thing in flip flops and jean shorts since I did not have ANY hiking clothes. Fun! But in order to hike this stunning trail, we had to get to the top of the mountain. This meant—more stairs and rocks than I’ve ever climbed in my life. And as I write this, my calves are screaming. But once we got up there, the views were incredible. It ended up being around a 4-hour hike, by ourselves, an abundance of lizards running loose, and the occasional local passers by greeting us with, a “Ciao” or “Buon Giorno”.  And on the way back, from our hike, instead of taking the bus, we decided to walk all the way down to our hotel, which meant even more stairs.

IMG_6019While we were out hiking, Mom was reading, relaxing aDSC_1447nd socializing on our porch with a view. #fitnessmotivation #getFitwitJin. After showering and freshening up, we set out to get lunch, beachside. Now this isn’t your typical beach. There’s no sand, instead there are tiny pebbles. And the water is an oversaturated, beautiful turquoise blue. Lunch at Ferdinando’s had a great view, we ordered pizza, bruchetta, and paninis. This Italian cuisine is phenomenal. The tomatoes, the cheese, the bread, are all just—better than anything America could do.

After lunch, we set out to explore the street de Chrioforo Colobmo. So we walked over to the other side of the beach, shopped along the most beautiful street of vendors and restaurants, and took some awesome photos:

Next we walked back to the hotel, rested our legs for a bit, then came back out for dinner. We had made reservations at a restaurant called Bruno for 9:00, and had planned to take the bus over there—but the bus stop was hundreds of feet above us. So we had to climb hundreds and hundreds of steep stairsteps—yet again. And once we got up to the top—we realized we had missed the bus. Daniel blames me for taking too long to change, I blame him for taking too long of a nap, and we both blame mom for being a turtle up the stairs. Regardless, we missed our bus, and had to walk all the way to Bruno. At least it was a beautiful night and we had time, so we didn’t mind! But now we had to come all the way back down the stairs. [Coach King, my old cross country coach would have been proud of all the hills I climbed today.] Well eventually we got there at 9pm, in time for our reservation. And we caught some beautiful night views from our table:

Mom and Daniel ordered seafood pasta, while I ordered Tomato, basil, parmesean gnocchi. The seafood pasta was a bit salty—but the noodles were still so delicious. Tip–always order homemade noodles when in Italy:) You won’t regret it.

While we were sitting and eating, we started talking to the couple next to us from Boston. They had been traveling through Italy for the month. Apparently, Positano was their favorite Italian city. I could see why. Anyways, this couple saved our lives and let us ride back to the other side of the city, with them back to the hotel. So we did not have to end the day walking up and down the steps of Positano.

DSC_1414.JPGDSC_1442.jpgPositano. It is a city with a million stray cats. EVERYWHERE. It is a city where you must be a fearless and experienced driver to meander through the smallest little streets without hitting anyhitng. It is a city where colorful flowers grow on anything and everything. It is a city where every street and alley is perfectly picturesque. It is a city full of ups and downs—literally.

I tell ya, the people that live here must be the most fit people ever, because this place has the most stair steps I’ve ever seen. My fitbit reads just short of 35,000 steps for the day, 350 floors climbed, 15 miles conquered. I could really use a roller to roll out my calves right now. So from a sore and achy Kaylen, I’m going to rest very well tonight.

Buonnote, and see you tomorrow–in Rome;) Ciao, Ciao!


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