Day 10 — Gardens & Museums

Did you know: there is an actual disease classifying first-time tourists who realize that Paris does not live up to its expectations? Paris Syndrome. It’s a real thing–try looking it up. This disorder consists of physical and psychological symptoms including delusions, hallucinations, dizziness, sweating, and feelings of persecution from being so disappointed with Paris, specifically. Lol.

Knowing about this comical disease before my trip, I actually came in with the expectation that Paris would disappoint me.

Well, it surely did not.

So here goes our last day on this European adventure, Day 10.

Today was a whole lot of “taking it all in”. We took relaxing strolls through three different gardens. Jardin des plantes, Jardin du Luxembourg, and Jardin Tuileries. It was quite relaxing! Some of these gardens were huge. They were pretty much parks for the Parisians to hang out in. People were reading books, playing tennis, chatting, walking, talking, and eating all around these gardens. The prettiest garden, in my opinion was the first, Jardin des plantes. There were flowers everywhere, and the trees were in the shape of perfect cubes. I think I would like cubed trees one day.

The largest garden, where we stopped to eat, was Jardin du Luxembourg. There was a cute little stand where little kids could get sailboats, and release them into the pond. It was the cutest thing to see all these kids running around after their sailboats.

And Jardin de Tuilires, which is right next to the Lourve, is home to the Luxor Obelisk, a gift from the King of Egypt. It is that tall pointy thing! Also at this park, we saw Parisians sitting around eating with a full baguette in one hand and a block of cheese in the other. I guess that’s just the typical snack here! PS 10 days of nonstop walking has taken a toll on Mom. Sry Mom. #GetFitwitJin #FitnessMotivation

Remember how we visited the Pantheon in Rome? Well there is also one in Paris! But these were built for very different reasons. While the Pantheon in Rome was built as a temple to the olympic gods, the Pantheon in Paris was originally built as a church by Louis XV, but was later converted to a mausoleum after the French Revolution broke out. Also, that third picture is the Palais Garnier, the famous opera house of Paris. While we did not make it in time to go inside, atleast we were still able to see the beautiful building.

I guarantee all lovers of art will love Paris. There seem to be hundreds of museums to see! All storing such distinguished art pieces by Picasso, da Vinci, Rodin, Monet and so many more. Lovers of art and lovers of museums would surely run out of time to see all the art in Paris. We visited one museum, Musée de l’Orangerie, we chose this one specifically to see “Water Lilies” by Claude Monet. Do not let me fool you, I know close to nothing about art. Yet Claude Monet is one of the few I did study in IB art, back in high school, so I thought this museum was worth the visit.

The rest of the evening? Well, again, we spent taking every last bit of Paris in. The Macaroons, the Croissants, the Baguettes–really just all the carbs. And once sunset approached, I wanted to see the two most notable symbols of Paris once again. So first we went to the Louvre, once again, and sat by until the sun set, to see it lit at night. But here was the problem–the European days are crazy long. The sun rises a little after 5am, and sets after 10pm. So while we waited and waited for the sunset, it never fully came at the Louvre. So then we headed to the Eiffel Tower to get one last look at it. We ran and ran and ran through the metro station and got there in time to see the sparkling lights at 10:02pm. We grabbed a delicious crepe with nutella and bananas, and sat back to absorb the view.

unnamed-9So that was Paris. And it was awesome. Not to set your expectations too high, for Paris Syndrome or anything, but my few days in Paris rocked.

And just like that, 3 days in Paris flew by. Heck, 10 days in Europe flew by. Peace out, Paris.

One more blog left from this trip. And I’m already feeling sad 😦 Thanks for keeping up with me thus far for all my jam-packed adventures in Europe. See you at my “farewell” post.


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