Day 11 — A Sample Spoon | Farewell, Europe

A sample spoon. You know what I’m talking about. Those really small, cute white pieces of plastic about the size of your pinky? The ones that allow you to try a small taste of Cotton Candy, or Mint Chocolate Chip, or—ooh that looks good—what is that? I’ll try a sample of that.

A sample spoon. It is not a lot. But it is enough to experience each flavor.

Traveling is in some ways, like that—like sampling Ice Cream.

Three days in each country–it was not a lot. But it was enough to experience each country. It was enough to experience Rocky Road: the uneven, cobblestone streets that were Prague; Rainbow Sorbet: the beautiful, bright buildings that were Positano; Stracciatella Gelato: the classic, staggered ancient remnants that were Rome; and Caramel Fudge: the smooth, sweet grandeur that was Paris.

Ten days in Europe was not a lot, but it was enough to learn that European dogs are often small and do not need leashes. That smoking is a culture difference. That hotels are fun-sized. That one does not usually pay a tip at restaurants. That one does, indeed, pay to use a public bathroom. That PDA is prevalent–specifically in Paris. That beer is cheaper than water in Prague. That table bread is not free in Italy. That peanut butter is almost impossible to find anywhere. That Nutella, instead, is the king of spreads. That pick-pocketers are the worst. That Trdlnik’s are the best. That I will miss it, a lot.

Ten days in Europe, we experienced. And on the eleventh day, we left.

With our remaining Euros, we bought as many croissants as we could fit into our carry-ons. We did our last minute shopping for local Louis Vuitton and Long Champ handbags. We left to go back to the land where time runs 6 hours behind and daylight is significantly lesser. We experienced flight delays and cancellations and handled them like pros, because remember Day 1? I guess we are quite experienced with flight complications.

Upon returning home, I know jet lag will be rough. Fitbit steps will tank. Sam’s club croissants will from now on, just be sub-par. Boxed pasta will lack a thick and chewy authenticity. Motor scooters will be oddly scarce, as will cobblestone.

But the beauty of travel is this: we get to experience samples. We get to encounter God’s creation on the other side of the world. We get to see the result of a whole different culture that has been fostered everywhere else. We get to meet different people and hear their stories. We get to sample each flavor of this world. And while my sample of Rocky Road may be fantastic, the Rainbow Sorbet—beautiful, the Stracciatella–especially unique, and the Caramel fudge–amazing, I have the comfort of knowing that I will always return to the Buckeye Blitz.

IMG_5908Ohio may not have the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Path of Gods, the Charles Bridge, but it has the places and the people that I love and call home. This special factor? It cannot be replicated anywhere else in this world, no matter how beautiful or grand. And for this reason, I am so excited to return home.

So what to sample next? Will it be the Vanilla Cream, the Pistachio, the Coffee Nut Prailine? I’m not so sure…but I cannot wait to find out.

Stay tuned for my next, Day 1.

Until then, I think I’ll take one large order of Buckeye Blitz.

*Cue the plane-ride home playlist* & see you soon, Dublin, OH 🙂


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