IMG_4480Sometimes in the midst of school, work, and stress, you just gotta say no to school, work, and stress.

So in the middle of November, my family & I did just that. For a magically spontaneous weekend, we escaped from CMH → DEN and headed to the beautiful state of Colorado. I had never been to Colorado, but my preconceived notions consisted of snowcapped mountains, and grand ski resorts.

I wasn’t wrong.. but there was definitely a lot more to Denver than I had expected, which made it a 10/10 weekend getaway.


Highlight #1: Mills Lake, AKA Winter Wonderland

This natural beauty was a 2 hour drive north of Denver right into the Rockies. Boom. 2 hours up and out. Snow. Everywhere. And not just powdered snow, but multiple feet of snow. Well we were surely unprepared and lacked the boots to hike through these heaps of snow, but regardless, we carried onwards. The hike itself was only around 6 miles, but with thin oxygen, and slippery feet, we all had our bit of struggle. It was hilarious to watch Mom and Dad all face plant at least once….but it was THE funniest to watch poor Daniel in his zero-tread shoes eat the snow multiple times HA! Anyways, finally, through snow, snow and more snow, we made it to the most breathtaking mountainous view.

A frozen over Mills Lake allowed for us to capture these beautiful pictures. It was pretty much a real life winter wonderland.


Highlight #2: Garden of the Gods

Colorado is icy…but also spicy. Yes, after our snowed out experience north, we drove 2 hours South of Denver to this rustic archeological landmark…and 45-50 degree weather…a world of difference from the prior day.

This park was absolutely free and so popular! People were walking their dogs around, licensed climbers were scaling these rocks, families were hanging out at the lower sites, and as for us–we were trying to climb as high as we could without having our climbing licenses. We had so much fun exploring Garden of the Gods before dusk.

(Which, by the way, happens SO much earlier than in Ohio…it would be pitch dark by 5:00pm!)

Other than iceland and spiceland, we were able to explore downtown Colorado, Larimer Square–a beautiful street of lights, shopping on 16th Street, and cute theaters and restaurants. Our 3-day getaway was exciting, adventurous, and very much needed.

Colorado seems to be such a majestic place. I’m hoping to be back one day to explore the multitudes of hikes in the Rockies, perhaps sometime in the summer 🙂 Thanks for reading!


– K


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  1. These places look incredible! We’ve been to Colorado a few times but never these parts. Thanks for sharing!


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