New York

55710B5C-79BF-4990-90D4-2FB93BB63C64 3For those of you who don’t know, I have the privilege of being a Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus representative for The Ohio State University. As a second year campus rep, I’ve had countless events, gifts, memories, rewards, & adventures. This here is just a small taste of the PINK life.

For all of our hard work this semester, my Co-Rep, Chloe and I were selected to attend an all-inclusive incentive trip to the trendy & timeless: NYC.

*Note to self: Do not stay up packing until 3:30AM when your flight leaves at6:30AM.*  Yes, it’s true. Running on less than 2 hours of sleep and pure excitement, I was flown on L Brands private shuttle with Chloe to a full day of adventure. Our hotel? The Nomo in Soho, Manhattan. Check out our stylish stay + our surprise welcome gifts from  PINK 🙂


From the moment we arrived, we were able to explore all the NYC eateries, and shop all of our favorite stores, & several of the newest and coolest experiential pop-up shops. From there, we met all the other campus reps for dinner at the infamous Petro Nolita. The whole interior–the seats, the walls, the tables, you name it–were all pink…but would you expect?

Finally it was time for the Top of The Rock and a VIP Rockefeller Ice skating package. Maybe it was the grand lit tree, or the gleaming view of NYC, or the skating to the Christmas music, but this night was nothing short of magical!

The next few days were just as magical. But instead of walking you through a play-by-play, let me share the highlights:

Day 2 consisted of a home office visit, a delicious dinner at Vandal (where several celebrities have been spotted including Jason Derulo!!!), but the highlight was hands down the private PINK pop-up shop experience. There were so many cute photo opps and fun freebies! PINK definitely had the most amazing experiential pop-up in town. All. PINK. Everything.

IMG_3911And as the clock neared midnight, Chloe & I made our way to a bar to celebrate my 21st birthday and order my first legal drink (!) Never had I imagined by 21st birthday to kick off in New York, but hey, I totally can’t complain. ~Cheers!


And finally, on the 3rd day, we went to some amazing breakfast and lunch places: Jack’s Wife Frieda & Patriza’s Kips Bay–where I was sang to and celebrated by a crowd of Italian servers, and then continued to explore the city on a double decker bus.

All in all, it was a jam-packed, all-pink, trip of a lifetime.

IMG_1804But the best part is–the adventure continues. As I sit here on my 21st birthday, writing this blog during my 3 hr 28 min direct flight from NYC to….MIAMI! Where I will meet several of my friends & housemates on the beach front to board a cruise!!!

A bit of a change of pace… but I can’t wait to experience and share what comes next 🙂 Warmer weather awaits…



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