Cruising – All Aboard

Greetings from…Florida! What a change of pace–straight from the cold winter winds of NYC to the hot summer sun of MIA.

After a hard week of stress & finals, myself and 6 friends were able to convince ourselves that we deserved a luxurious, relaxing cruise. Well last night, somehow, that dream came true for the 7 of us poor college students. I took a direct flight from NYC to MIA to meet my friends (Anna, Ashley, Brooke, Nicole, Aaron & Kyle) in Miami—ready to embark on our cruise. (Surreal!) Here are our daily adventures for all of you parents wondering how your kids are doing 🙂


Day 1:

IMG_1700This morning we woke up to our gorgeously blue ocean view in our Airbnb, made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, (with a celebratory mimosa for Anna’s Birthday) (yay #HBDANNA!) and set out for the Miami port!

IMG_2375I am still in shock that nothing went wrong during the whole process of boarding the ship…but we managed to jump through all the right hurdles to board the Royal Caribbean: Empress of the Seas. The first thing we did? Explore the ship, decks 1-10. The interior was beautifully decked out with holiday décor (gingerbread house cities, Christmas trees & lights, you name it…) and the 10 floors were jam-packed with different events and activities! But the best was getting to the top and taking in the view of Miami. (Mr. & Mrs. Bodine, if you are reading this, I’ll have you know that your daughter was literally in tears, in awe of the ship and the view…classic Ash.)

So after exploring, we headed to Windjammer for an overwhelmingly delicious buffet style lunch, and from there we went to the top deck for a lively & entertaining sail-away party. Now, at these parties, there’s normally a very enthusiastic cruise director hyping everyone up and getting people to dance…however, there seems to be a lack of young people on this ship…so yes, believe it or not, the 5 of us girls made fools out of ourselves by partaking in these organized dances on top of this cruise ship. While there were probably only 15-20 people on the floor dancing, we wobbled & cupid shuffled our way across the top of the boat. Kyle and Aaron missed out on the fun & embarrassment.

Next, we grabbed cards from the game room and played BS on the top floor. Now, Ashley won the first round (simply from luck), however, you will be happy to know that I was victorious in the second round (purely from skill). The rest of our group will continue to practice to reach our level of expertise. So after playing BS, we made our way to the front of the ship, where we found live music and a dance floor. Of course, being the 7 young kids that we were, we were called out on the spot (again!) to get some dancing going in the center of the room. All of us girls could happily comply, however Aaron and Kyle took a bit more of a nudge. (Perhaps we will loosen them up by the end of the trip 🙂

But after the main singer, Carlos, referred to Kyle as “Justin Bieber”, and Aaron as “Brad Pitt” (lol) I think they gained a wind a confidence and eventually we all ended up making fools out of ourselves dancing to Despacito. After this, we witnessed an AMAZING sunset by the sea and then proceeded to get ready for our night.

So every night, there is a show that takes place in the theatre, and today’s show happened to be a comedian named Alvin Williams, who we all thought was pretty good! Then from the show, we proceeded to go to the most incredible dinner. The menu? Lamb, Steak, Lobster, Linguine, Salmon…you get the idea. Also, our servers Michaelangelo and Melvin (from the Philippines) were SO kind. Our dinner was filled with so many laughs as Michaelangelo would hystarically laugh after everything he said, and our whole table could not help but to laugh with him. We also got a chance to sing to and celebrate Anna for her birthday! #HBDANNA

For the rest of the night, we got caught in this 70s dance party…you can imagine that. Fros, Disco outfits, the whole shebang. Then we went to the hot tub (open 24 hours, yesss), stared at a few of the constellations on the top of the ship, played some funny group games, and then went to the midnight snack buffet.

What. A. Day. So far, this cruise has exceeded our expectations and we’re only on day 1! We cannot wait to land in & explore Key West tomorrow 🙂

Stay tuned ’til then!



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  1. Kathryn Nikolai says:

    Kaylen, I can thank you enough for all the details and pictures…AND the planning!!


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