Cruising — Key West

Today—we set foot in the southernmost point of America–Key West. While many of the keys were damaged by the hurricane, thankfully, Key West was not. We began our day bright & early, at 8:30am in the Starlight breakfast dining room. We were served a quality breakfast to fuel our day in the keys. When we got off the ship, the first thing we did was take a shuttle from the port to downtown Key West.

DSC_0288Key West is SO cute. Pastel buildings, bright greenery everywhere, and chickens & roosters at every corner. After walking through the shops and taking in the beautiful island, what was the first thing we decided to do? Yep. You guessed it! Checkers. Because when in Key West, play checkers, right?


After this, we decided to head south to the southern most point of America!—the south buoy. And you bet we left our Ohioan mark there.

From here we explored the rest of the cute neighborhoods and shops, and even went up a lighthouse! With the hot sun beating down on us, we decided to take a break and go to a islander restaurant with live music called Sloppy Joe’s to get drinks—all virgin strawberry daiquiris and one pina colada for #21 year old Anna.

So here are some highlights from our day…

While Key West was great, we were all so hungry that we had to hurry back to return to ship by 2:45pm before Windjammer, the lunch place, closed. The time after lunch was spent pretty freely. Some of us journaled, some of us took naps, I blogged, and we all met back up to play cards.

DSC_0377 Fun little side note—we have been using these walkie talkies to communicate with each other which is actually SO fun to use around the ship!

Later that evening, Ashley and I were dying to learn how to salsa…so we attended a Salsa lesson! (Surprise, surprise, the boys did not join 😦 ) Instead, we let the boys nap, while we attended the Royal Caribbean show, Bailamos, in the theatre, and we all met back up for dinner! We ordered an assortment of Swordfish, Salmon, Lamb & more from a Cuban-inspired menu. The waiters and assistant waiters all performed an Italian opera for us, and our table just went absolutely insane for MichaelAngelo, our waiter. We were definitely the most obnoxious people in the restaurant, cheering for our waiters, but it’s okay because they are simply the best.

And finally, we went to the top of the ship to play “If you know it, Dance it.” –where again–we were the only young people trying to dance to hit songs like: Single Ladies, Despacito, & Michael Jackson. This gameshow led into a dance party under the stars, poolside, set with a DJ & spotlights. SO many people were there dancing, which actually made it so much fun! And when we were all danced out, we retreated to the hot tubs where we continued to watch the party go on…

By this time, you can imagine how completely drained we were from the sun, from all the dancing, and from the lack of sleep. But luckily, we get to sleep in tomorrow!

I’ll fill you in, then 🙂

Thanks for tuning in,


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