Cruising — Day at Sea

Imagine being fully engulfed in smooth, deep, blue ocean waves, surrounding you at every angle. Endless blue in the waves and sky, meeting at a slightly curved horizon. Not a single dot of land to be seen.

This was our view for all of Day 3.

This morning we were finally able to sleep in. So we started off our relaxing day at sea journaling & reading on the windy top deck before brunch. Then, well-rested, relaxed & ready to go, we energized ourselves with an amazing a la carte menu. DSC_0389

DSC_0391Being at sea all day, we decided to spend as much time on the top deck taking in the incredible weather and view. Several hours passed rather quickly on Deck 10 from laying out, relaxing, and reading. Then here’s where it got interesting. Poolside, the entertainment staff put on two very interesting competitions: a Belly Flop contest and the World’s Sexiest Man competition. Let’s just say, we saw a bit more old-men-stomach-flab than we had hoped. Really weird–but funny, nonetheless.

After this, a few of us took a stab at the rock climbing wall at the back of the ship–because when else do you have a chance to see the ocean view from that high up? It was fun to yell obnoxiously funny things at Nicole, Kyle, and Aaron as they climbed the wall.


After our morning adventures it was just about time for a snack (we’re really getting used to this unlimited food thing), then a show. This show in the theatre was called “The Love and Marriage Game Show”, where 3 couples from all different phases of marriage competed to answer questions about each other. You can imagine how entertaining this was to watch!

Finally, it was just about time for the sun to set. And if you know me, sunset pics are a must. So the 7 of us showered up, and put on our best look for this evening. (And look how nice we even got the guys to dress up!!) #Proud. We pretty much missed the sunset (oops), but hey–pics still turned out okay!

From here, we each had a complimentary $5 to spend at the casino in the slot machines. Surprise, surprise we all participated and lost our $5 to the slots…but despite this, I was still feeling lucky, so with my support crowd of 6 behind me, I decided to try black jack. And somehow, I won a quick and easy $50! Much better luck than the slots.

Finally we headed to the theatre to watch very talented man perform an Elton John tribute. He was incredible, and we were all very impressed, but we all agreed that parents–you all would’ve loved and appreciated him even 10x more than us. With classics like Bennie and the Jets, Rocket Man, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I could not help but to think that my mom and dad would have absolutely LOVED this performance.

Then came our favorite part of the day: Dinner of course, with our favorite waiter and assistant waiter MichaelAngelo & Melvin. We just absolutely needed a picture with them.

DSC_0506Post dinner, we tried another game show: battle of the sexes, then went to get comfy & cozy with hot chocolate on the top deck for a viewing of Wonder Woman.

The sun exhausted us today, so unfortunately many of us fell asleep halfway through the movie. But those of us that stuck around thoroughly enjoyed it.

What a fun & relaxing day!… Our last day aboard the ship is already tomorrow 😦

Catch us in the Bahamas. (!)


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