Cruising — The Bahamas

What’s dry, salty, and bright red all over? Answer: Us in the Bahamas.

On our final day, we got off to an early start–breakfast at Starlight just like usual–then headed out to explore the Bahamas!dsc_0509.jpg

As soon as we got off the ship, we were bombarded with people trying to sell us different things, but being the strong independent young adults we are, we ~assertively~ declined everything and made our way to the nearest quaint little shore: Junkanoo Beach.

With over 80-degree-weather and a strong sun, we sun screened up and laid out our towels. Nearby were the cutest tiki huts and tropical drink stands. It was the perfect picture I could have envisioned for the Bahamas. Some of us bought fruity drinks, and we even got some free coconut water to try! There was even a sand volleyball court nearby that a few of us, ex-vball players, could not resist. We played a few games of sand volleyball and met a few friendly dads who joined our game, Mark and Brian. Overall it was a pretty intense match! After this, we cooled off in the ocean and the water was SO clear. We ended up staying on the beach for long 5 hours before we called it a day.

Dry, Salty, and bright red all over, we headed back to the ship, making a few stops at the shops along the way. Boy, did Christmas decorations look misplaced in the sunny, tropical Bahamas.

Now let me tell you–a day in the sun like that is ABSOLUTELY. DRAINING. We headed straight for the food when we boarded the ship, and tried our best to keep awake.

After somewhat-recovering from the long day, we decided to have a chill evening, watching a movie on deck 10: the newest Spider Man. Unfortunately, we failed to get Aaron awake from his 2.5 hour nap (we really tried) and half of us fell asleep during the movie, anyways. But once the movie ended and everyone was up and ready to go, we all went to our last and final dinner 😦 They definitely saved the best menu for last, and our waiters performed a farewell dance for us. Of course, we had to go crazy for our guy, MichaelAngelo. It was SO sad to leave our waiters. We will miss their friendly smiling faces and kind, serving hearts.

After a hard goodbye, we watched the craziest gameshow: The Quest in the theatre…which is basically a crazy scavenger hunt. It was entertaining and –eh– interesting to say the least! After this, we decided to go to the top deck, play a game of psychiatrist, where we got a few of our last laughs out, then headed to “Aaron’s Party”.

Now–let me explain this. A common theme this whole trip was the girls unsuccessfully trying to get the boys to dance at all the opportune moments. Yet, throughout the trip, we kept passing this 18+ club called The Viking Crown Lounge, where we would hear blasted rap music that only Aaron knew all the words to. Jokingly, we called this club “Aaron’s Party” all week. And on the last and final night, we just HAD to check it out. And FINALLY we were able to get the guys on the dance floor!!! (YAY) But the most horrendous part of the 10 minutes we spent at Aaron’s Party? We saw the two volleyball dads: Mark and Brian.

Quickly we evacuated that scene and could not stop laughing about the whole scenario. What a night. Even though it was 1AM by then, we decided we were too winded up to go to sleep, so we played cards until we got sleepy.

And just like that, our 5-day paradise was over.

Kyle, Brooke, Anna, Ash, Nicole, & Aaron: Thanks for being my favorite people to spend this week with. It’s going to take a while to get adjusted to time away from you!

All Parents: thanks for letting us have the most amazing adventure on our own. We really made the most of every single moment!


We will never forget the many memories and laughs we shared aboard the Empress of the Seas.

Until the next adventure,


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