Day 1 — Hong Kong Awaits


It’s been a while! It seems my wanderlust has had to come to a halt during the school year. But I’m excited to pick it back up and travel to many exciting destinations this summer!

This past week has been a long one. Finals week came early this time around, so my week was spent glued to a chair, spending countless hours studying (ugh). But luckily I had a very effective motivator to get me through: Hong Kong awaited me at the end of it all.

So sure enough, after completing my last exam, the only thing sitting in between me and Hong Kong was another 20 hours spent glued to a chair–on my flight to Hong Kong.

So thanks for joining me on Day 1! I’ve gotta tell you, after all this sitting and lack of movement, the rolling hills, steep stairs, and crazy levels of Hong Kong have got me beat! One thing I didn’t know about Hong Kong is that it is the #1 city with the most high rise buildings in the world. I mean, check out this view from my hotel room…



Anyways, today we started off by exploring the very interesting streets. It reminded me a lot of Korea with the many architecturally unique buildings on either side and the random artwork in the alleys. We then took a ferry across Kowloon Bay to explore and shop. And let me tell you–Hong Kong shopping is no joke–it ranges from bargaining in the cheap street markets to perusing through the highest-end shopping malls.

We visited Heritage Square, Ladies Market, the Clock Tower…

…But one of my favorite parts of the day was getting to eat lunch at Yum Cha, one of the cutest restaurants I’d ever been to. They served Dim Sum–stuffed steamed buns–but they were in the shape of little animals and creatures. They were SO cute, and it was hard to decide what to get on the creature-filled menu!

IMG_7784Naturally, this 12-hour jet lag took a toll on me, and I needed to get back to the hotel to rest up. But after a quick refresh, Mom & continued to explore the city more during the evening. It was unbelievable how many people were out and how crowded the streets and subway were even at night! But we continued to make our way around, purchase some things at Temple Market, and watch a light show on the city skyline by the Clock Tower.

Well, I am absolutely beat. But I promise there will be more to share tomorrow & the rest of this week!

Thanks for tuning in 🙂



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