Day 2 — Color Me Pastel

Hong Kong, in a way, is like an advanced treasure hunt. There are hidden gems scattered everywhere–one just needs to find them.

Hidden gem No.1 was the Choi Hung Estate, right off the Choi Hung subway exit. At first glance, the area doesn’t seem like much. But if you glance up, your eye can’t help but to catch beautiful rainbow palette walls. This is the Choi Hung Estate, one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong.


So we climbed up to the roof of the nearest parking garage, only to find a landing of bright basketball courts and photo-ready people. It was the most outrageous view of these pretty pastel homes!


Moving on, not to far away from where we were was hidden gem No.2–Nan Lian Gardens. This free public garden didn’t look like too much on the outside, but once we entered, it was the most authentic lens of Hong Kong’s nature.

The bright temples surrounded by the oriental trees, and the towering skyscrapers in the backdrop amongst blue skies was quite the sight.

IMG_7860But soon enough, the 85-degree heat and strong sun had us seeking AC in the nearest mall. So Mom & I explored different eateries and decided on the most gourmet–which brings me to my hidden gem No.3: McDonalds Cafe. You think I’m kidding, but if you remember from my Paris Post, McDonalds on this side of the world is like some type of high-end fast food restaurant. Not only do they change up their assortment to cater to whatever country their in, (i.e. Crab & Shrimp Big macs, Taro Pie, Sweet Potato Mcflurries), but the food is perfectly presentable! Check out our coffee and desserts from the local Hong Kong McDonald’s!


We then carried on to Temple Market, where we shopped around for several hours. Something funny about the clothing here: it’s mostly one-size fits all. No trying. And surely enough, everyone is mostly the same size! Lucky for me, I fit in with this standard sizing, so I did not hesitate to fill up my bags!

IMG_7862The rest of the day consisted of (more) Dim Sum at the cheapest Michelin starred Tim Ho Wan restaurant, Korean food (we Koreans crave our default meal), and a tasty eggette dessert (found in numerous places in Hong Kong) at Oddie’s Foodies.

Oh and this was not just any dessert: it was a waffle-like crisp, filled with Nutella, indulged with ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, and cookies and cream ice cream, swirled with even more Nutella.


Imagine that to finish off you night!

Looking forward to Day 3 where Mom & I will get to travel to Macau to meet up with my brother and Dad (who are currently in Vietnam). Stay tuned & thanks for reading!



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