About Me

The lovely state of Ohio will always be my home. I have made too many memories, taken too many pictures, and told too many stories from this favorite United State of mine, to call it otherwise.

1389b6bdd54bca7642a6e54c0de144a0Yet, while my home is Ohio, my mind cannot help but to daydream into other parts of this world–to meander through European streets, to weave between Canadian mountains, to dip inside Caribbean seas, to fly past Asian cities. The truth is–our God created the most beautiful, incredible, intricate piece of work on the large, spherical canvas that is our world…so how can I refrain from the opportunity to explore it?

At 20 years old, I am, admittedly, a travel rookie. Yet what I have seen thus far, has left me absolutely speechless. And ironically enough, while many sights, scenes, and wonders of this world have left me without words, they have also–quite literally–left me with too many. Speechless enough to tell a story.

So cue the start of a travel blog. That’s this. Welcome, and dive into my day-to-day adventures, featuring many stories, pictures, and memories outside of the lovely state of Ohio. Stories to tell, one country at a time.




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