Day 3 — The Venetian, Macau

Today I visited Las Vegas, Venice, Paris, & Portugal all at the same time–in China. How? Macau.

IMG_7896We started off Day 3 packing up all of our things, hauling them across Hong Kong, and catching a ferry to Macau to meet Daniel & Dad. Many of my friends, keeping up with my social media, have had no idea where I am. “Where are you again? I know it starts with ‘M'” “Is it a city in Hong Kong?” Well, Macau is a completely autonomous region on the south coast of China, colonized by the Portuguese until 1999, and known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Initially, I was confused by that. But immediately once we docked, I understood.

This was such a modernized city with towering hotels and casino after casino after casino. Shortly after we arrived, we checked into our hotel–The Venetian Macau–a duplicate of The Venetian Las Vegas.

This. Hotel. It was massive! Easily the nicest hotel I’d ever stayed at. I was appalled at how huge this thing was. There were several Gondola’s at every corner, dozens of high-end shops, and mimicked MichaelAngelo art all over the walls and ceilings.

It was an absolute MAZE to navigate. But luckily Daniel & Dad arrived not too much later to walk us around. We grabbed a quick lunch and really spent the rest of the evening exploring this huge place–the pool on Floor 5, the outdoor golf course on Floor 8, and of course, the colossal casino on Floors 1-3.

When we stepped out of the hotel, it really did feel like Vegas. The buildings were all lit up, people were swarming the streets, and the sound of slots were in the faint background. We explored some of the hotels nearby; apparently while the Venetian hotel was based off of Italy, the Parisian was based off of France! Who knew!

Well, time sure seems to fly in this hotel because I am already exhausted from exploring this place. But I’m excited to share with you my adventures exploring the rest of the region, tomorrow!

Until then,


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