Day 5 — Big Buddha

Things I’ve learned about Hong Kong thus far.

  1. Walk on the left, not right
  2. Always bargain with the markets for 50% of their asking price
  3. When that Hong Kongese person screams at you, they’re not angry, it’s just their natural tone of voice
  4. You don’t have to tip your servers
  5. Cigarettes are abundant…
  6. Durian fruit tastes terrible, Jambu fruit tastes delicious
  7. Napkins are scarce…BYO napkin to most eateries
  8. Water is served hot or at room temperature, never ice cold
  9. McDonald’s is gourmet
  10. Market clothing is one-size fits all, no try-on!

Welcome to my halfway point: Day 5.

By the way, the whole city is filled with public transportation. Underground Metros, Buses, Trams, Taxis–you don’t see a ton of cars here! So first, we took a double-decker tram to Quarry Bay.


Anyways, we made our way through the stench of fish markets to the Montane Mansion–which really is not a mansion, but a cool residency complex and popularly unconventional tourist hot spot. There really was not much to do here besides admiring the unique structure and snapping some quick shots…but look how sweet:

IMG_7998From here we crossed the whole city to take a glass cable car up to the mountains. This was a very different view of Hong Kong–it seemed far removed from the city scene.

We went up and up across waters and past mountains on this 25-minute scenic ride. It was a pretty astounding view–well worth the wait.


…Aaaand we made it to the top! Is this not the most breathtaking view you’ve ever seen?


The main attraction here was Tian Tan Buddha, AKA Big Buddha. Sitting at 34 meters high, this big, bronze structure was impossible to miss when scanning over the mountains. There were 268 steps leading up to it, but a remarkable view.

Once we left Big Buddha, we explored the rest of this district atop the mountain. The Po Lin Monastery–one of Hong Kong’s most important Buddhist Sanctums, Wisdom Path–a path lined with 38 wooden monuments inscribed with the “Heart Sutra”, and several hiking trails around this beautiful area. I really can’t even begin to describe the unreal 360 view from up there.

This ended up being an all-day event! There was so much to see and do, and soon enough it was 4:30PM! So we headed back through the paths, past the cows–wait what?–yep, that’s a cow. And there were tons of them just roaming around!

So bizzarre.

They all just minded their own business eating grass. I joined them.


And then we headed back down to planet earth from this misty mystical land above. The rest of the night was spent doing the usual–resting, shopping, eating, exploring. We are getting kind of sick of all the Dim Sum, so today it was Korean food for the Chang’s.

So really that was our whole day! Half way through this trip–5 days down, 5 days to go.

See you tomorrow,


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