Day 6 — Victoria Peak

Welcome to my favorite day, my favorite view.

Okay, so I’m finally starting to get a hang of the geography of Hong Kong. So there’s Hong Kong Island, where the majority of our stay has been, and then there’s Kowloon further inland, right across Kowloon Bay.

Today we rode the Star Ferry to Kowloon and spent the majority of our day there.


We re-visited Ladies’ Market with Daniel & Dad and bargained our way with several souvenirs and gifts! *Tip* I learned the best way to barter is to ask for 2 for the price of 1. So far it has worked like a charm!

We then scouted out lunch at Yoshinoya, a Japanese-style, cheap and fast dine-in chain. It was really good, but boy was it a struggle to order our food! These workers spoke no english whatsoever, so we ended up pointing to several pictures to order. Well, the strawberry shake I thought I got actually ended up being a red bean paste milk tea. So we ended up having to order more food to compensate all of our mistaken orders!

…but check out this cool grape/peach tea half & half! It literally and unexpectedly came out half & half–unlike the Arnold Palmer I’m used to–and it was delicious.

Also, the last picture there is the Hong Kong famous Eggette street snack. They’re basically like chocolate and vanilla waffle wafers…and they, too, were also delicious–highly recommended for anyone visiting Hong Kong.

And now for the main event…Victoria Peak.

It was an hour-long bus ride up The Peak Mountain, and a 2.12 mile-long hike around Lugard Road to get the most breathtaking view of Hong Kong from almost 2,000 feet above. And boy was it WELL worth it.

IMG_8121Unreal, right? I mean, check this view out!:

Not only did Lugard road lead to the most amazing outlook of the skyline, but the path itself was so beautiful and surrounded by Hong Kong native greenery.

This place was scenic everywhere.

We wanted to catch the sunset, so we decided to take a detour off-path to get to Victoria Peak Garden. Now let me tell you–this off-roading was not a great idea in a dress and flat sandals. I recommend a different choice of apparel for hiking up several stairs and inclines…haha. But regardless, once we got there, we enjoyed the lovely flowers, pretty lights, and running dogs.

And soon enough, the sun finally set over the peak, and we got another astonishing view of the night-time city lights.


The rest of the night was spent getting back down from the peak to our hotel, and grabbing a quick dinner at Seoul Bros, AKA the best Korean-fusion fast casual restaurant ever. (It was probably one of my favorite places we have eaten.) From kimchi fries, to spaghetti & eggs, it had the most unique mixes of foods and it all worked so well. Overall, I would say it was a delicious end to a great day.

& that’s a wrap on Day 6, my favorite day, my favorite view. See you tomorrow & thanks for tuning in!<3


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