Day 8 — Climbing Suicide Cliff

IMG_8309I take school very seriously.

I’ve always been driven to study hard and finish strong, and finals week has usually been my time to shine. I’ve spent many finals weeks camped out at libraries–my head buried in textbooks.

…never had I EVER imagined my final finals week of undergrad like this–camped out across the globe–my head buried in the clouds.

Don’t worry–I didn’t completely miss my finals, I just took them pre-maturely. But man, this whole trip has been totally worth it.

Speaking of finishing strong–let’s talk Day 8–my last full day here in Hong Kong. We made the most out of our daytime activities–the usual–walking the streets, market shopping, hitting all the well-known eateries that we missed. Check out these amazing refreshers along the way:

Via Tokyo had incredible Matcha ice cream and desserts, and Hui Lau Shan had the freshest mango drink you could ever imagine. These two places are must visits.

IMG_8203But let’s get to the main event of the day. My adventerous brother wanted to hike this crazy steep mountain–literally called Suicide Cliff, atop the highest mountain in the Kowloon area.

So here I am, moderately afraid of heights, probably so out of shape, on the other side of the world, climbing a 2000 ft. tall mountain.

You can imagine the nerves. But luckily–we had some words of encouragement along the way! In big, red, bold font :’)

We trespassed, anyway (so sorry Mom & Dad).

Now I don’t know what you picture when I say “hiking”…to me it’s usually a path, maybe some handrails, maybe some stairs. Maybe like a Hocking Hills-type deal.

NOPE. Literally rocks all the way up. (Here, let me show you some snippets of our adventure in video form)

I mean, this climb was so steep. At some points we were literally on our hands and feet climbing. I tried my hardest not to look down at these points, otherwise my palms would start to get sweaty! (knees weak, arms heavy…no vomit on my sweater tho, just tons of sweat).

But THIS. VIEW. WAS. AMAZING. Especially as we neared the peak, there were several cliffs/lookouts to stand on (again, sorry mom & dad). At first, it was terrifying to stand by the edge, especially with the wind blowing and the huge drop off right below my feet. But at some point I stopped psyching myself out, and I was able to look out and truly enjoy the incredible skyline from above.


Also, as we neared the peak the clouds started to fog our view. Visibility was pretty low as it became darker and darker.

But ~adventurous~ Daniel wanted to stay to see the city lights at sun down.

So as reckless as ever, we stayed until the sun set…maybe pushing the limit a little. Then as soon as the sun went down, we sprinted up the mountain to find the way down before we got lost in the fog.

It was a close one. Luckily there was a group camping out up top that was able to point us in the direction of steps down, otherwise I definitely think we would have gotten lost.

So running on adrenaline, with careful steps and phone flashlights, we made it down safely to the bottom, much more easily than our way up.

TIMG_8304hat was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. The rest of the night my legs were jello.

But I’m happy to say we safely met up with our parents later that night by Temple Street Market and feasted for out last supper at the Spicy Crab. It was POPPING. There were people everywhere eating at this place. We ordered several dishes of fresh seafood and enjoyed our last night in Hong Kong.

& with that, the next morning I woke up early, and headed to the airport. And now here I am, currently sitting in the Tokyo, Japan airport, blogging and waiting to board my flight home.

So I guess that’s it.

Just like that, finals week in Hong Kong has come to an end. I was pleasantly impressed by the city. It really did exceed my expectations. While I thought it would be very similar to Korea–which it was–it had its very notable & unique differences…which puts HK up there in my list of favorite cities.

IMG_8291 2

This trip would not have been possible without the careful planning from my mom, the impulsiveness of my brother, and the support from my dad. I’m thankful to get to explore the world alongside them. Thank you fam!!!

And with that, amongst the mountains & markets, I waved farewell to beautiful Hong Kong. Thanks HK, you were good to us.

As always, thanks for keeping up with my adventures! Next up….

GRADUATION! See you on the other side 🙂



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