Day 2 — Drottningholm Palace

We struck out today. Yep, a swing and a miss–3x in a row.

1.) When we saw our beloved ferry departing Drottningholm just as we arrived at the port.

2.) When we saw our beloved bus (which we had been waiting on for ~45 minutes) arrive & leave on the other side of the street.

3.) When we waited, and waited, but realized the last boat tour had already left on its way back to the hotel.


But despite these laughable strikes (which I’ll go more detail into in this post), today was actually a home run 🙂 Welcome to Day 2!

We started off today’s chaos at City Hall, where we bought an All-Day Stockholm pass permitting access to museums, sights, and transportation around the city.

Our first stop: Drottningholm Palace. It’s about an hour ferry ride from City Hall & boy, is it worth the trip.



Constructed in the 17th century, this Parisian-style palace is Sweden’s best preserved. It is also the permanent residence of Sweden’s royal family and one of Stockholm’s three World Heritage Sites.

There are breath-taking gardens surrounding the palace as well as guards protecting it. Exploring the gardens was like entering a grass maze. The whole atmosphere reminded me of the garden & museum sites in Paris.

We were also able to explore the interior of the palace, and follow along a guided tour of all the historically rich rooms. I mean, just imagine living amongst these corridors!

This brings me to Strike 1. We had planned a tight schedule to get the most bang for our buck on our 24-hour Stockholm pass. Well, we showed up a minute late to the departing 12PM ferry, and unfortunately had to wait an hour for the next one. But it gave us a reason for Starbucks, so I can’t complain 🙂

Oh but wait–it gets better. Once we finally arrived back at City Hall, we waited 40 minutes for our bus (traffic was horrible according to our bus driver) so we took his advice, got off, and transferred to another stop.

Here we waited another 40 minutes or so for the next bus…which never came…& this brings me to Strike 2: we were on the wrong side of the street :,)

IMG_8637After almost 2.5 hours of delay, we got to our next destination: The Vasa Museum. Much like the Titanic, the Vasa was a ship which set sail in 1628, which capsized and sank on its first voyage. After 333 years on the seabed, the ship was salvaged and now is the main point of interest in its own museum.

I wish I could tell you we explored this museum to its full potential, however, we were so rushed to make it on our next boat tour, that we were really just in and out. But it was still super cool & definitely one of Stockholm’s best museums. Cue Strike 3. We waited and waited for nothing–we had already missed our boat tour (hahaha no surprise here).

But it truly did work out for the best! We ended up walking the distance along the scenic waters and eateries, grabbing a few snack and desserts along the way. And we even made it in time to aboard the Royal Canal Tour, which took us along the waters of the inner city.

IMG_8642After this tour, I could probably tell you a quick history of Sweden and its architecture! (Way more knowledgeable than my previous knowledge which consisted of Swedish Fish and IKEA).

After our relaxing boat tour, we had a delicious dinner in K25 trendy food court, and a much-needed dessert at Espresso House. 

So overall, despite our mix ups– I am actually so glad we were able to relax and walk around the city rather than rushing from museum to museum.

I actually feel so Sweden-Enriched after today, and I’m already taking notes on my mental map to come back with friends!

We have one more full day here in Stockholm & I’m so excited to see what it brings 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤




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