Day 3 — Royalty & Hilltop Views

In Ohio, we get 72 total sunny days a year. Yep, that is less than 20% of sun a year, riveting, I know.

Contrarily, here in Stockholm, it is seemingly sunny all the time. The Swedish summer sun rises at around 3:00AM and sets at around 10:00PM! I’ve gotten to see both dawn and dusk while rolling around trying to sleep. All this daylight, plus the 6+ hour time difference, is a great recipe for MAJOR jet lag.

So basically, I’ve had 3-4 hours of sleep max per day, thus far (YIKES)…but luckily today was easygoing and leisurely 🙂

There are four different categories I want to hit on for our last day in Sweden, the first being: The Royal Palace.

The Royal Palace is the official home of the Swedish Monarchy, although the royal family does not actually live here. The King and Queen officially reside in the Drottningholm Palace, aforementioned in my last post.

The Royal Palace, utilized for many state functions as well as guest accommodations, is a beautiful mansion at the center of Gamla Stan, and as shown above, it is stunning and historically rich with past Swedish Monarchies.

DSC_0269The second main category of the day is Fab Food. Guys, today was some bomb food. We had such a ~posh~ buffet lunch at Engelen. If you don’t believe me–that buffets can be posh–take a look at the restaurant, itself! It was BEAUTIFUL. There were flowers and greenery surrounding the exterior, and a trendy and decorated interior. Plus, it was so reasonable for the ambiance. 10/10 recommend.

And dinner. Vapiano was definitely a favorite of the week. With a delicious authentic Italian cuisine, an efficient ordering process, and a modern & trendy interior, this place had me wanting one in Ohio. & this too, was a reasonable price pick for Gamla Stan.

And last for the food category, of course, dessert. The Nutella cafe. All the Nutella you could ever ask for in one place. Need I say more?

Category Three: Hilltop Views

I wouldn’t quite call this a hike, but instead, a leisure walk up the hilltops across Gamla Stan. These were each about a 20 minute walk from the city, and offered amazing views of Swedish islands: Riddarholmen, Stadsholmen, & Kungsholmen. Words don’t do it justice, so here are the views from each hilltop:




DSC_0248And finally, category four: Redemption

Redemption from yesterday, that is. Remember I was telling you about our unfortunate series of events regarding our 24-hour Stockholm Pass? Well, fun fact about me: I always stretch my boundaries on certain rules, and somehow, I always get away with them. My friends know that I am notorious for this!

Well, basically, we ended up using that 24-hour Stockholm Pass over the course of 48 hours. No breaking into museums or anything like that, but we were able to flash the expired pass unto boat tours and bus tours to finally get our moneys worth!


So, overall, I would say we exhausted the stunning Stockholm, Sweden.

I loved the cleanliness and safety of the city, the lack of tourism (it is so low-key & underrated!), the cute colors of the buildings and streets, and the amazing historical sites that it had to offer.

I’d say you can 100% count on me being back with friends 🙂 & with that, bye Sweden, I love you XOXO.

–& see you SO soon, Croatia!!



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