Day 4 — Welcome to Dubrovnik!

Greetings from Croatia!


Why Croatia? What is Croatia?–you might be wondering if you are anything like my friends who have been asking me these same questions. Well, my answer to that: it’s like Game of Thrones meets Positano, Italy, at least here in Dubrovnik. Let me explain: from above and below, the buildings on the hillside resemble the beautiful scenery of Positano. But, closer up, and through the streets, the medeival architecture is straight out of The Game of Thrones–quite literally, actually.

tracing-game-of-thrones-filming-locations-asta-skujyte-razmiene-croatia-27The hit HBO series was actually filmed right here in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and I can absolutely tell why after a day spent roaming the city. The stone castle-like buildings, surrounded by the bluest of blue waters is such a unique and imperial sight.

We will be traveling to 4 different cities here in Croatia. I’m SO excited to share them with you!

So Dubrovnik. After getting up at 3AM in Stockholm to catch our early bird flight, we landed here around 10AM. We had to haul our luggage across bumpy stone and HELLA stairs–& I mean–Hella. Stairs. to get to our hotel, named 87 Stairs. So you could say it was a ~rocky~ start 🙂

But I mean, look at this view from our hotel. I’m dying.

So while Mom & I were waiting for Daniel to arrive tonight, we decided to spent a day to relax on Banje Beach. It was crowded, but beautiful.


The “sand” is actually made up of tiny rocks and pebbles, and the Adriatic Sea is a stunning turquoise blue. On one side of the coast there’s a gorgeous view of the rustic orange rooftop buildings, while on the other side of the coast, you can see the greenery of the rolling hills and trees. We spent quite some time here, soaking up the sun, & planning our next move.

Side note: similar to Positano, there are cats EVERYWHERE. It’s the funniest thing. These cats were just sleeping all over the ground (lol).

Later in the evening, we had another strike. When using the ATM machine, our card was swallowed, and never given back. I have no idea why! But luckily, Daniel, joining later tonight will have his card.

But, we persisted, and enjoyed a subtle sunset over the city, and an incredible seafood dinner. We ate at Konoba Lanterna, mussels (my fav), risotto, and a salad. I knew Croatia was known for its seafood, but I mean, this seafood is SO GOOD. And the outdoor ambiance is just like Italy!

Finally we enjoyed a nice walk around the medieval city and treated ourselves to gelato. There are several gelato shops around every corner, so it was not too difficult to find! But how beautiful are these stone streets?

So overall, we had a relaxing day to transition us from our exhausting transition from Stockholm to Dubrovnik. The rest of our night will be spent waiting on Daniel to arrive!

But again, I’m so excited to share with you all of my Croatian travels! I can already tell that this country will be near the top of my all time favorites.


Day 1 down, 8 to go in Croatia!

Stay tuned for more 🙂


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