Day 5 — On Top of Croatia

DSC_0358Three monumental things happened today: We got to the top of Croatia, Daniel jumped off a cliff, and I died. Not exactly in that order…but I’ll get into details later.

Day 2 in Croatia was absolutely beautiful. Because of all these gorgeous pictures from today, I’ll try to keep my words minimal and let the scenery do the talking 🙂

With the hot sun beaming down, we decided to stay in for a light breakfast and avoid the sun as long as possible.

We started off the day–walking around the lovely medieval town and exploring all the narrow streets and alleys in the Old Town area. I mean how cute is this place?!

We later arrived at Buza II, a stunning panoramic bar where the drinks are totally overpriced, but hey–you’re paying for the view.



So mind you–we had not eaten lunch yet. And come to think of it–I had not drank water all day…in this blaring heat.

Well anyways, we just wanted something refreshing–so we ordered a NON-Alcoholic strawberry colada, and a lemonade.

Yep–this is that part where I die. I know what you’re thinking–look how happy she looks in her cute little dress, in this perfect weather, with her non-alcoholic strawberry colada!

WRONG. SO Wrong.

1.) That dress is suede. And if you can imagine suede + heat, you know that I am sweating bullets under there.

2.) That beautiful sunny weather is actually slowly killing me of dehydration.

3.) That refreshing non-alcoholic strawberry colada mistakenly came out ALCOHOLIC and terribly more expensive than we’d hoped, ugh.

But not a huge deal, right? Well for an extremely dehydrated girl with 0.00 tolerance for alcohol, and not a lot of substance in her stomach, it’s not too great!

But we had to get our moneys worth on this thing, so Mom & I took turns sipping on it slowly. Here’s the part where Daniel jumps off a cliff. Mom was under the umbrella, while I was out in the sun, watching my crazy brother climb these rocks, determined to jump of this cliff. Well, as you can see, he did it.

The good news: I got some bomb pics of his jump. The bad news: I downed the rest of that drink, craving something refreshing from being out in the sun filming him.

*Cue death*

Well I ended up getting crazy lightheaded and throwing up 3-4 different times. Boy, that is a feeling I never want to feel again!!! At least I have a story though, right? I’ll probably just need a new suede dress (yikes).

So today I took the L but tonight, I bounced back.

I was totally fine after the Buza II Bar incident, and here’s the part where we got to the top of Croatia. We rode a cable car up and visited a fort: the Dubrovnik war museum.IMG_8785

Some amazing highlights of this mountain: The ubiquitous roaming cows, the crazy view, and dinner at the Restaurant & Bar Panorama. Super good, but super pricey & small portions. But hey, again, you’re paying for the view.

We then sat & watched the sunset & breathtaking view over Old Town. Incredible.


And we spent the rest of the night in Old Town, searching out gelato and getting Daniel a 2nd dinner (lol bc Panorama dinner wasn’t enough) at Barba Restaurant. He said his Octopus burger was so good + this place was very reasonable. So–strongly recommended by Daniel!

So with that, you could say it was an eventful day here in good ol’ Dubrovnik!

But we are all alive and well..and you can bet tomorrow I’m going to drink all the water in the world.

See you then!


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