Day 6 — Lokrum Island & City Walls

Dubrovnik is not your classic Red Roof Inn.

It’s like the red roof estates. Well, more like the rustic orange roof estates. I absolutely love the monochromatic look of this city & today we got the best view of it. Welcome to Day 3 in Dubrovnik & Day 6 on this travel journey 🙂

Remember how hot I told you it was?

Well, we decided to relax inside the hotel & under the shade of the patio this morning to start off the day a bit later, avoiding that sun!

So around 2pm, we set out for a yummy seafood lunch at Barba, known for its refreshing octupus salad. Then we decided to spend a few hours on an island excursion.

Lokrum Island


Do you see that green island off to the left of Old Town? That’s Lokrum Island. It was about a 145 kn boat trip per person to the island, which is a bit pricey, but I thought it was a great use of our time & definitely worth stopping by!

The natural reserve island is made up of botanical gardens, tons of wildlife, and 12 different key points of interest. We didn’t get to all the points of interest, but we did see some awesome sites along the way!


I also still can’t get over this water–it is SO clear and SO blue, it truly beats Ohio’s brown mucky rivers. Just reiterating–this place is absolutely stunning!

Now, this island. My first thought was–dang this is a lot of rocks & hiking, I definitely wore the wrong shoes. But as we navigated around the rocky roads, we found the grassy tourist hot spots! And there were peacocks and rabbits all over the place! The peacocks were beautiful shades of blue and green–and they were either 1) following people for food, 2) screeching on top of trees, or 3) chasing the rabbits.

Now the rabbits– they were HUGE! I’ve never seen such fat rabbits, unafraid of people. I tried to catch them, but PSA: rabbits are fast.

I also tried to feed them but also PSA: they are not too interested in grass. Next time I come to Lokrum island, I’m definitely bringing carrots to feed and catch one.

Here at Lokrum Island, we also visited the Benedictine Monastery, which was–tbh–kind of creepy. We learned about the Legend of the Lokrum curse, brought upon the island by exiled monks, who donned their hooded cloaks, and walked around the island, cursing it while leaving a melted wax trail. Legend has it, misfortune followed every owner of the island for centuries to follow. Creepy.

So after we got the heck out of that cursed island, we returned to the MAIN tourist event of the city:

The Walls of Dubrovnik

The walls, typically swarming with tourists, is about a 2-3 hour walk during the day, but pro tip: if you go in the evening hours, you can bypass the congestion and the heat and knock it out in 1.5 hours.

Atop these walls are the best views of Old Town’s unique buildings. There are some breathtaking views of the sea as well as great photo ops along the whole perimeter!


So we took our time, strolling through these great walls of Croatia, failing to catch a sunset, but returning to ground level to seek out our last Dubrovnik dinner!


Oh boy, oh boy. Let me tell you about this mouthwatering seafood dinner. I’m talking about the best shrimp, mussels, squid, anchovies, mackerel, and trout you’ve ever had at Lokanda Peskarija.

+ Plus an incredible view. Are you catching a theme here? I think its hard to find a place to eat without an incredible view.

A tasty end to a wonderful day.

Well, that’s it for our last night in Dubrovnik, tomorrow we’re off to a new town VIA bus: Split, Croatia! Can’t wait to share more tomorrow 🙂




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