Day 7 — Dubrovnik to Split

Let me tell you about our morning adventure.

10:30 AM

We departed the lovely apartment–87 Stairs–to catch an Uber to the bus station.

11:00 AM

We sat and waited for our 12:30 PM bus to Split inside the bus terminal.

11:15 AM

Us: “What terminal does the bus depart from?”

Tisak Employee: “Terminal 3.”

Us: “Great thanks!”

12:00 PM

Us: *Goes to grocery to get snacks*

12:15 PM

Us: “Sorry, what terminal did you say? There’s not a bus at Terminal 3 yet.”

Tisak Employee: “It’s Terminal 3.”

Us: “Okay thanks!”

12:30 PM

Us: *Patiently waiting at Terminal 3*

The bus we are supposed to be on: *Leaves from terminal 2*

Yeah. So basically–

The Tisak lady gave us the wrong terminal and we missed our bus. (& those tickets were definitely not cheap!) So I complained to the clueless Tisak lady who didn’t see how it was her fault, and we unfortunately were not able to get refunded 😦

So a pretty negative experience there with Bus Croatia bus company, but luckily we were able to purchase last minute tickets through a different bus line, an hour later! So rough morning trying to get from Dubrovnik to Split. But finally–

1:30 PM


We’re off to Split, Croatia on a BEAUTIFUL 4-hour bus ride. And I mean, BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t think anything could beat the Pacific Coastal Highway drive, but this was incredible.

Now, once we arrived in Split at 5:30 PM, we had a short walk to our new place, and spent the rest of the evening exploring the area!

Split is the 2nd largest city in Croatia, and another tourist hotspot–but it’s more low key than Dubrovnik, in my opinion. Not only the lack of crowds, but also the palm trees, the old ruins, and the authentic cuisines & local eateries is what sets Split apart from Dubrovnik.


Because it was already evening when we arrived to this lovely town, we decided to immediately have an authentic Croatian dinner at Buffet Fife. Our meal was SO amazing. Croatia’s seafood continues to blow me out of the ~water~ (hehe).

From there, we made our way to the old square, where we ordered some dessert & ice cream at Lvxor, and enjoyed the live music entertainment (every night at 8:00PM!)

Oh yeah, I also dueled some of the Croatian knights, in the square. NBD.DSC_0686


And we finished off our night walking around and exploring the rest of Split’s Old Town! It’s so interesting to me–it definitely feels older, and more historical than Dubrovnik so far. But I love the authentic feel of the Roman ruins and the beauty of the Dalmation Coast.

Today was short with travel, but looking forward to exploring more over the next few days 🙂

Thanks for reading!

❤ K

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