Day 8 — Crazy Views from Marjan Hill

Welcome to my 50th blog post!

Crazy. That means it’s been 50 days of traveling starting with South Korea. Just imagine where I’ll be writing my 100th blog post from, 50 travel days from now! If you have any travel recommendations, let me know in the comments 🙂

Anyways, unto day 8–our first full day in Split. Today we witnessed some crazy views of this old, historical city.

We started off our day walking around the remains of Diocletian Palace, making sure to pay a visit to the 10th century Croatian leader, Gregory of Nin, who strongly opposed the pope and helped the spread of Christianity within the Croatian kingdom. Go Greg!–big fan of that ministry #FTK.

Anyways, after we rubbed his toe (said to bring good luck), we continued on to explore the maze that is the Old Town Square.



We helped ourselves to another amazing seafood lunch at Villa Spiza–(my 4th time having mussels on this trip, but who’s counting). I gotta say–this might be a bold claim, but I think the seafood here beats anywhere else I’ve ever been.

We then navigated the narrow alleys, explored some of the shops, got some candy from the colorful Candy Bar, and stopped at the local barber to get a haircut for Daniel….because,–you know–when in Croatia, get your haircut, right?

But the main event of today was definitely Marjan Hill. The scenic viewpoint atop a hill, engulfed by city view on one side and sea view on the other. So we trekked up several–& I mean SEVERAL–stairs to get to the most amazing 360 panoramic view.


Our first stop was halfway at this gorgeous lookout…but knowing Daniel, half way wouldn’t cut it. We had to trek a little higher into the atmosphere to arrive at the highest viewpoint.

So here it is. The stunning view of Split from Marjan Hill. And the pictures don’t even do it justice! So we spent a good amount of time up here, enjoying the view and letting the breeze cool us down.

From here, it’s all good eats 🙂 A great snack right on the shoreline was the combo of Croatian Donuts + a tropical slushy. We sat right by the water and snacked on these, while avoiding the crowds of pigeons, begging us to feed them.

Our all-natural dinner was to SO good at Toto’s Burger Bar–in full transparency, I wouldn’t call myself the healthiest eater, but I ordered the yummiest Zucchini noodle dish and it was one of my favs. Strongly recommended 🙂

& we finished off the night with the cheapest ice cream in Split! At only 8 kn, which is around $1.25 US Dollars, you can bet we will find ourselves back there again 🙂

And with that, Day 8 is a wrap! Tomorrow is our last full day in Split, then we’re off to my most anticipated destination: Plitvice Lakes.

See you tomorrow! XOXO


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