Day 9 — Split’s Splendor Eats

DSC_0841Our last day in Split was all about good eats. We spent much of the day walking from place to place, snacking here and there. I’m so excited to share with you some of Split’s best.

The Split Fruit Market: Although I still have a feeling they overcharged us for our grapes, the fruit nonetheless is flavorful and fresh. The cherries were especially sweet here 🙂

Sexy Cow: The name says it all. Definitely the sexiest wraps I’d ever had. With flavorful meat and handmade tortillas, our lunch did not disappoint!


Stari Place Pancakes: Probably one of the best dessert places I’ve ever been to. They call them pancakes, but they’re really crepes--and they come with every topping and any flavor you can think of.

Trattoria Bajamont: The most delicious seafood cuisine, seated in an alleys of old square. We ordered mussels (for the 5th time), a seafood pasta, and mol fish. I mean, probably my favorite meal this trip, so far.


DSC_0839Other than exploring eateries, we spent a good portion of today shopping at some of the boutiques along the street. Unfortunately, we experienced our first rainy day 😦 So we decided to avoid the rain and head up to the bell tower. Anyone afraid of heights, this is not the place for you.

There were thin stairs going up & up, and while we thought we were avoiding the rain, really the tall windows were allowing the rain to still come in.

The stairs were slippery, but we pushed through. The view was, of course, a 360 of the rustic orange Croatia-unique roofs. It never gets old.

The rest of the night consisted of, well, more desserts. We just HAD to make another pit stop at Stari Place to order another crepe. This time, Strawberry & Nutella-filled. SO good.

And that was really it! We continued to walk along the colorful streets, and explore the very lively Split night life. It was a great end to our time in Split.

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So with that, we said farewell to Split, and we’re looking forward to a BIG day ahead of us traveling to Plitvice National Park. We’re pumped.


Thanks so much for reading, see you tomorrow!


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