Day 10 — Plitvice Lakes National Park

Today we visited the most beautiful place on earth, I’m convinced.

The bluer than blue waters and graceful waterfalls were straight out of a fantasy novel. I think Plitvice was enough to put Croatia up on my list of all time favorites. Today will be a shorter blog post–less words, more pictures…because I want to show you this extraordinary place.DSC_1056

So we took a 4-hour bus ride from Split, Croatia to Plitvice Lakes, where we would stay for a night. We arrived around 2PM, which was perfect. Just enough time to get settled in and grab a bite before heading out into the park.

The park closed at 7PM, and after reading reviews and other blog posts, we decided to head out in the evening to avoid tourist traffic on the paths.

I was amazed by this park. I mean, the wooden paths, the bright green landscape, and the crazy-clear water had us awestruck. I mean, look at how clearly you can see through!!

DSC_1024It’s phenomenal how they keep this park as beautiful as it is. You’re not allowed to swim or fish in the water. The park is 100% natural.

It was divided into two parts: The upper lakes, and the lower lakes. The whole thing took about 3-4 hours to walk around. We ended the course at 7PM right when the park closed.

So far on this trip, we have missed, 3 different buses. Well, today we missed our 3rd. Apparently we didn’t get the memo that the bus wasn’t running due to road maintenance. So we ended the course at Entrance 1, and had no way of getting back to Entrance 2… so, exhausted, we walked!


Despite the prolonged hunger, the views from today were unreal, and I’m so excited to check out more scenic spots tomorrow 🙂

Here are the surprisingly reasonable meals we ate at our hotel, Hotel Plitvice. While the hotel wasn’t air conditioned, I thought it was still super nice, offering the closest walk to the park entrance.

Plitvice National Park. Who knew! Thanks for following along 🙂 More to come!



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