Day 11 — Plitvice to Zadar

We’re still in fairyland.

& this morning we woke up super early to hike the upper lakes. But this time, we took a secret route to get to this amazing view.


DSC_1079Now–it was quite the trek up alongside an inclining road, so on the way down we decided to take a short cut. Well, this short cut happened to lead right down to the central tourist point of the lower lakes–and we were coming out of a rocky, forbidden, blocked-off path. So, we tried not to draw too much attention to ourselves, and get down the path as quietly as possible.

I don’t think many people noticed. But those who did just looked at us and kept on their way. Whoops.

We spent the rest of our limited time in Plitvice National Park, re-walking the course. Again–I want to point out: This water is SO. CLEAR. I just can’t get over it!

While walking, we noticed the paths getting busier & busier. The morning–right around 10 AM became super busy–tourists were ubiquitous at this time. So we decided it was our cue to head out and hop on the bus to our next destination: Zadar.


Our 4th Croatian city. The bus ride was only a few hours–refreshing after our back-to-back 4 hour commutes around Croatia! But Zadar seemed even less touristy than the other cities. It’s especially known for its well-preserved and easily accessible roman and venetian ruins, and its incredible sunsets.

So we settled in and enjoyed a lovely dinner at Konoba Dalmacija–surprise, surprise, more mussels! This was my 6th time ordering mussels on this trip… I swear I’m going to turn into one if I keep this up.

And finally, we set out to watch Zadar’s infamous sunset. There were tons of people gathered on the dock to watch. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy, so we were unable to get Zadar’s best, but it was still gorgeous with the calm waves accenting it.

DSC_0006There are two main attractions in Zadar: The Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun. The former is an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea’s waves, and the latter is a floor of 300 different multi-layered glass plates over solar vintage panels. Both were so cool to experience.

I spent a good amount of time chasing the neon–changing lights after sunset on Monument to the Sun, and also listening to the random, booming melodies of The Sea Organ during the day. Take a listen, yourself!

And that was about it for the day! We’re extremely tired from the travel day, but excited to explore the rest of Zadar tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Croatia before we head out to our next sought out destination.

Stick with me to find out more 🙂 Thanks guys!


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