Day 12 — Farewell, Croatia

And on the 12th day of Travel,

My airline gave to me… ♫

…Absolute CHAOS. Our airline gave us CHAOS on this final day of Croatia. We really should’ve knocked on wood after pointing out all of our luck with our travel thus far. But I’ll get to what exactly happened later…

Welcome to Day 12 in Zadar. Yes, our final day in this beautiful country.


Today was all about hanging out and exploring the streets of Zadar. Since ancient Zadar was a roman colony from 48 BC until the disintegration of the Roman empire in the 5th century, there were many roman ruins to explore throughout these streets.


Some of these well-preserved Roman remnants were: The Forum–the center of public life, The Tabernae–rows of shops, The pillar of shame–where evildoers were chained, Capitolium–a temple consecrated to Jupiter.

IMG_9169From here, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Crazy Pizza and the calming views and sounds of the Sea Organ, along the Sea Promenade, called the Riva. With cloudy skies, tourism was minimal, and with waves anticipating a storm, the Sea Organ was BOOMING.

Also, check out the Monument to the Sun during the day time–it’s nothing but solar panels during the daytime…nothing like the bright, lit disco-dance floor from the night of Day 11!

It slowly started to drizzle, so we headed back to the apartment and decided to gather our things and get ready for our flight tomorrow afternoon. Well, here’s where the chaos kicks in. We received an email, less than 24 hours before our flight to Barcelona, Spain, explaining that our flight had been cancelled due to air traffic control strikes! I had never heard of that! They could book us on the next flight out, which happened to be over a week from today.

So what do we do.

We spent a frantic few hours making phone calls and researching alternative routes & ended up purchasing an overnight bus ticket to Zagreb (A ~4 hour commute) and a next day morning flight out of that airport. Such an inconvenience, but at least we were able to work something out!

So after that was all figured out, we enjoyed our last seafood dinner in Croatia, surprise, mussels again at Restaraunt 4 Kantuna.

Aaaaannddd, that was our last supper here!

I am SO sad to leave Croatia, it has been one of my absolute favorite countries. I’ll miss the cheap gelato, the red roofs, the blue waters, and the amazing seafood the most….but I can’t wait to head out to Barcelona tomorrow morning!

We need to wake up in the middle of the night at 2AM to catch our overnight bus, so I’m going to hit the hay, but thanks so much for keeping up with Croatia! Stay tuned for Spain, coming very soon 🙂





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