Day 13 — ¡Hola Barcelona!

Welcome to Barcelona, Spain!

So I am actually super behind on these daily blogs, because Barcelona has been a jam-packed few days. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Barcelona my mind immediately jumps to The Cheetah Girls 2….and the gorgeous, colorful structures & streets that the girls strut down throughout the movie.

Well it’s all that & so much more.

So after a long night of travel, we arrived in the afternoon and took some time exploring the beautiful Barcelona streets. We had our first amazing lunch at Les Quinze Nits, which was pretty reasonable for the lovely outdoor atmosphere, and we tried Spain’s classic Paella dish.


The lunch place was surprisingly crowded at 4:00 PM…who eats a meal at 4:00 PM?! Well you’d be surprised– here in Spain, they eat meals LATE, like, VERY LATE. The typical dinner time is from 9PM – 11PM. Crazy!

Well anyways, we went about exploring the crowded streets & visited the Gothic Quarter–the Medieval Square of Barcelona, La Boqueria–the most famous food market in Barcelona, & of course, La Rambla–the main & crowded tourist street.

DSC_0086Within the Gothic Quarter, we visited the impressive Barcelona Cathedral.

Something that I didn’t anticipate about Barcelona was the amount of beggars and pickpocketers on the streets. We had several beggars, street performers, and bold individuals come up to us asking for money, or trying to steal money from our bags.

I heard Barcelona is as bad as it gets in terms of pickpockets, so remade sure to be on our A-game throughout our journey.

Some other destinations consisted of the Parc de Ciutadella–visiting the grand Cascada Fountain, and visiting the Arc De Triomf. Did you know Paris isn’t the only country with its Arc de Triumph? All of these tourist spots struck me as very grand. It was almost the same impact of the Parisian sites when I visited France.



After a long day of walking and exploring, of course we had to stop for some coffee and energy. So one of my favorite little coffee shops was Pannus Bakery. They had the cutest little mini croissants along with good coffee. Daniel & I tried Hotchata–a cinnamon drink exclusive to Spain.

& After we were refueled and ready to go, we ended the night with the grandest show ever: The Main Fountain (Magic Fountain of Montjuïc).

It was crazy-packed. I mean look how many people came out to see this reoccurring water routine! I know what you’re thinking–how good can a water fountain show really be…


Well it was pretty amazing, actually. The show itself, complete with several lights and colors and songs, lasted about 30 minutes. The water achieved greater heights and a broader variety of directions than I could have ever imagined!

And that was day 1 in Barcelona. We did have one person try to pickpocket Mom on the way back from the show–so i’s definitely recommended to watch out especially at tourist areas!

So far, I LOVE Barcelona & I’m pumped to share the rest with you tomorrow 🙂



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