Day 14 — Exploring Gaudi

I took 6 years of Spanish, and started off college with a Spanish minor…but I have never appreciated the Spanish culture as much as I do in this bright & beautiful city.

Much of Barcelona’s character has been shaped by Antoni Gadui’s unusual and amazing architectural works. Today we experienced just a few of them: Parc Güell, La Perdrera, Casa Batlló, and the infamous Sagrada Família. After our wonderfully-packed day 2 in colorful Barcelona, I’m feeling as if I relived Cheetah Girls 2.

Not sure what I mean? Here is a straight link to my childhood memories of Barcelona:

& It’s pretty accurate, actually. Just imagine Mom, Daniel & I strutting through the Barcelona streets just like the choreography in that video, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how we looked. One of the main scenes at 2:26 in the video is one of the trademarks of Barcelona, Parc Güell, which is where we started off our day.

Parc Güell

As one of Gaudi’s icons of the city, covered in Catalan clay tiling, this was the most colorful & beautiful views of Barcelona. We arrived in the morning to beat out the crowed of tourists. Take a look 🙂

Casa Batlló & La Perdrera

Right across the street from each other, these two unique sites stood out amongst the gothic buildings surrounding them.

DSC_0258We decided to go in and tour the inside of La Perdrera, also known as La Casa Mila. This was one of the most unique buildings I’ve ever been in! Inside, we were able to visit the Star Wars-esque Rooftop Terrace and see an unreal view of Sagrada Familia.

The tour took us around a museum of Gaudi’s works, and led us to the modernist interesting interior of the apartments. It was the last private residence designed by Gaudi between 1906 and 1912.

Sagrada Família

And for the main event, we visited one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. The Sagrada Familia was even greater and grander in person, and is still being built. The large, unfinished Roman Catholic Church was Gaudi’s life-long work, started in 1882. The construction is to continue until 2026, over 140 years later. The long construction time resembles Gaudi’s ever-changing ideas, and the final product is to be finished on the 100th year following Gaudi’s death.


MY personal favorite part. Brunch was at the blogger-famous Brunch & Cake. It had a crazy line out the door. This eatery, popular for it’s Instagram worthy presentation, healthy ingredients, and bright colors. It was basically basic girl central.

IMG_9245& dinner was the best seafood we have ever had at La Paradeta.

You basically go in, order however many kilos of the raw seafood on display, and they cook it for you right then and there. It’s as fresh as you can get!

We got Mussels, Clams, Razor Clams, Prawns, and Cuttlefish. IT. WAS. AMAZING. And our last supper of this trip :/

So you could say today was a good day.

We have one half-day left on this journey, and then we leave tomorrow 😦 I already love this city so much, and wish we had more time to spend here! Thanks for keeping up with me thus far, and can’t wait to share my last day with you tomorrow 🙂

Buenos Noches,




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