Day 15 — Adios Barcelona

Well, here we are, Day 15. We made it.

The last day of Barcelona and final day of our whole trip! Today we kicked back & relaxed. Nothing crazy planned, we just decided to do what we do best: eat and shop.


We started off our last day roaming around the streets in search of breakfast, and we decided on Flax & Kale, similar to Bunch & Cake from Day 14, the food was all healthy and colorful. And to be completely honest, (bold statement alert) I thought the food was a lot better than Brunch & Cake!

So majority of our afternoon was spent walking down La Rambla, a central street with shops & restaurants, packed with both locals & tourists. The street stretches about 1.2 kilometers, so we walked back and forth, being sure to stop in all the trendy European stores! As you know, fashion hits Europe first, and I noticed SO many people wearing plain white Levi’s shirts. So I made sure to get one myself, just in time for the trend to hit the states 🙂


One of our pit stops was Chök, a chocolate kitchen, popularized for its colorful and yummy donuts. We sampled some chocolate truffles as well as a croissant donut. So GOOD!

When we neared the end of La Rambla street, sitting to greet us was Christopher Columbus atop a grand structure, The Columbus Monument. Of course we had to pay a visit considering our own hometown city is named after the great Cristopher Columbus.

Then from there, we really just hung around the breezy harbor! This whole area around Port Vell was relaxing with blue skies and blue waters. We walked around, shopped in the huge mall across the bridge, and just sat back to enjoy our last few hours in Europe.


And just like that, our time was up. Another amazing European adventure in the books. Sweden, Croatia, and Spain have stolen my heart in different ways.

  • Sweden was authentic, calm, and peaceful with its beautiful warm-toned buildings contrasting the blue calming waters of the Baltic Sea.
  • Croatia was fun, bright, and breathtaking with amazing rooftop views and clear-as-day waters. I really loved the diversity of all the different cities we visited here.
  • Spain was grand, colorful, and exciting with its incredible architecture, happening streets, and energetic street performers.

I’m so blessed to have been able to do this trip with my family. I officially have 15 stamps in my current passport, and I’m eager to know where the next one will come from.

Thank you so much for keeping along with this trip, I love sharing my adventures with you all! & I cannot wait to blog about the next one. Wherever it may be, I’ll see you then 🙂

Love always,

Kaylen Chang

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