The Best Country to Visit: Croatia

“Kaylen, what is your favorite country you’ve been to?”

I thought it’d be Italy. I thought it’d be France. I thought it’d be Spain: three beautiful countries, and three top contenders for sure.

But I would actually have to go with Croatia.


Image result for croatia map

Where even is Croatia? At first, I didn’t know. It’s essentially the neighbor that lives right across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.

On our latest trip, we started at the southern-most-point: Dubrovnik, and worked our way up to Split, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and Zagreb.

After seeing all these different Croatian cities, and experiencing all Croatia’s different sites and flavors, I’ve decided it takes the cake on Kaylen’s favorite Travels.


I’ll tell you why.

For me, the joy in traveling comes in three parts.

  1. The views
  2. The food
  3. The day-to-day culture

The Views

Croatia has countless unique sites and breathtaking natural views. Being right there on the coast, you can experience the bluest waters, the clay roofed cities, but you can also turn around and experience the gorgeous mountains and grandeur hills.

The Food

DSC_0859Being right across the coast, Croatian cuisine, in my opinion is very similar to Italian cuisine. There’s a lot of pasta, pizza and meats. But what really stood out to me was the seafood. Dalmatia coast is well-known for its Squid, Octopus, Mussels and assortment of Fish. And it was all reasonably priced–and SO delicious. I recommend ordering mussels whenever given the chance! They were definitely our best bang for our buck.

The Day-to-Day Culture

For me, this is probably what puts Croatia over the edge above other countries. A big part of traveling is experiencing a different culture. For me, places like Rome and Paris were incredible–but overwhelmed with tourists. We couldn’t really get around without people trying to sell things to us and other tourists swarming in crowds around us. What set Croatia apart is the authenticity of the experience. Sure, there were still tourists, but it didn’t seem as overwhelming as some of the other countries we’d been. Croatia felt–“under the radar”–so to say.

“I genuinely felt like I was able to experience these Croatian cities like a local–not a tourist. And that is what has set Croatia apart for me.”

My Advice

To anyone interested in paying this gorgeous country a visit:

  • Plan on May or June for the best weather, and slower tourism. Avoid July & August.
  • Good walking shoes are a MUST. Most of the transportation is on foot, and there are several steps, hills and streets.
    • Dubrovnik–AKA Game of Thrones Old Town
    • Plitvice National Park–AKA heaven on earth

Let me know what questions you have in the comments below!




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